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Andreas Hykade Receives Poland’s Golden Dinosaur Award

Independent filmmaker, Filmakademie director and FMX Conference chair receives award honoring “outstanding artists turned pedagogues” for achievements in filmmaking and teaching at the 23rd Etiuda & Anima Festival in Krakow, Poland.

Andreas Hykade’s drawing of the Golden Dinosaur: ‘Prof. Hykade flies the flag for the Animationsinstitut as he receives the Golden Dinosaur.’

LUDWIGSBURG, Germany -- Professor Andreas Hykade, director of the Animationsinstitut at Filmakademie Baden-Wuerttemberg, Independent Filmmaker and FMX Conference Chair, was the recipient of the Golden Dinosaur award at the 23rd Etiuda & Anima Festival, which just wrapped this past weekend in Krakow, Poland. The Golden Dinosaur recognizes “outstanding artists turned pedagogues” for their achievements in filmmaking and teaching. Hykade collected the prize in person during his interactive workshop held on Saturday, “Self-Portraits of Animation Authors.”

Festival artistic director Boguslaw Zmudzinski is convinced that the award will be in good hands: “Prof. Hykade is a leading figure in German animation film education,” Zmudzinski commented. “He easily merges the two areas -- filmmaking and teaching -- having the ability to use his own artistic experiences in education and drawing inspiration for his creations from the process of teaching others.”

2016 marks the 14th time that the prestigious prize is given. Among the distinguished artists is the great German director Werner Herzog (2013), the Estonian animation director Priit Pärn and the British experimental animator Paul Bush. The very first Golden Dinosaur was given out in 2003 to Jerzy Kucia, the multi-award winning Polish animation legend who has defined Polish animation since the 1970s.

Hykade, who is currently working on his next film Altoetting while continuing to teach animation, is very proud to be honored for the combination of both activities: “There were only two awards that literally made me jump for joy,” Hykade said. “The first time I was jumping for joy was for the first award I ever received for one of my movies, and the second time is for this particular distinction. That’s because it came exactly at the right time, exactly at the right place. First of all, it came from Poland -- and I recently had the opportunity to breathe in some Polish spirit, so I know that a compliment from that side has got some real relevance. Second of all, it will encourage me as a teacher in the decisions I’ve made and will make. So I’m looking forward to come over and meet Poland!”

Source: Animationsinstitut at Filmakademie Baden-Wuerttemberg

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