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AMPAS Investigates Bailey for Harassment

'Variety' reports three claims were made on Wednesday, prompting the academy to launch an immediate investigation into the behavior of its president, who was elected to the post in July.

The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences is investigating sexual harassment allegations made against its president, John Bailey, Variety reports.

The trade reports that three harassment claims were filed Wednesday with the academy, which immediately began an investigation.

Elected to a four-year term in August, Bailey has spearheaded a change in how the academy handles misconduct among its membership, implementing in December a code of conduct under which members may be disciplined or expelled for abuse, harassment or discrimination.

Also during his tenure, the academy expelled producer Harvey Weinstein less than 10 days after reports of sexual misconduct were made public, and eschewed tradition by replace last year’s best actor Oscar winner, Casey Affleck, as the traditional presenter of this year’s best actress award due to Affleck having settled two sexual harassment suits in 2010.

The Academy responded to the reports Friday with the following statement: “The Academy treats any complaints confidentially to protect all parties. The Membership Committee reviews all complaints brought against Academy members according to our Standards of Conduct process, and after completing reviews, reports to the Board of Governors. We will not comment further on such matters until the full review is completed.”

Source: Variety

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