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Ameba TV Launches on Amazon Prime

Canadian-based TV streaming platform for kids expands North American reach with launch on Amazon Prime.

WINNIPEG, MB -- On-Demand kids’ entertainment platform, Ameba TV, has expanded to Amazon Prime. Ameba TV has joined Amazon’s Streaming Partners Program offering all Amazon Prime customers immediate and unlimited access to Ameba’s award winning children’s content.

Ameba’s expansion adds millions of Amazon Prime families to its growing audience base. AmebaTV has bolstered its content catalog to include an array of shows from leading producers from around the world who’s shows were not already on Amazon Prime. Ameba’s content providers now have easy and direct access to North American audiences.

“Ameba on Amazon is a great add-on service for Prime families looking for more in-depth and selection of children’s shows,” commented Tony Havelka, President and CEO of AmebaTV. “Our entire catalog has been integrated into Amazon’s powerful search feature making content discovery simple and increase engagement with each show.”

This deal also increases the number of hardware platforms that support Ameba to over 300 Smart TV’s, Game Consoles, Connected TV devices, tablets and phones. Seamlessly integrating Ameba into the Amazon Prime Video ecosystem allows Ameba TV to easily reach Amazon’s highly engaged Prime members, all of whom are frequent streamers, making it effortless for viewers to subscribe to Ameba TV.

Amazon’s Streaming Partners Program is an over-the-top streaming subscription program for video providers that enables them to reach tens of millions of Prime members. With the Streaming Partners Program, video providers have access to a highly engaged streaming audience, deep integration with Amazon’s search and recommendations, and viewers have a more convenient way to manage their streaming subscriptions.

Source: Ameba TV