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Amber Heard Could be Jumping DC Ship to Marvel

Controversial actress is rumored to be in the running for the role of Black Cat in the upcoming Marvel series, ‘Silver & Black.’

Me-ow! Amber Heard could be packing up and moving from DC to Marvel. While Heard’s fate on Aquaman 2 rests on the results of her ongoing lawsuits with ex-husband Johnny Depp, she may just have another superpowered role to fall back on. This time, she’d be jumping out of the water and into the catsuit of Black Cat, Marvel’s answer to DC’s Catwoman. Black Cat, aka Felicia Hardy, would be the lead in the Sony/Marvel series Silver & Black, and could potentially end up as a love interest of either Spider-Man or Morbius (played by Jared Leto).

While this rumor is absolutely unconfirmed, it would be an interesting choice for Sony to actually cast Heard, due to her current controversial standing. Whoever is chosen for the role, it seems like a perfect tie-in to Morbius, which is expected to hit theaters early 2021. Who would you like to see as Black Cat? Heard, or someone else entirely?

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