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Amazon Prime Now Streaming Popular Series & Specials from The Henson Company

Massive collection of critically acclaimed productions including award-winning specials and beloved preschool and fantasy series from The Jim Henson Company’s catalog now available on Amazon Prime Video.

The Henson Company’s International Emmy Award-winning live-action puppet series ‘Fraggle Rock’ stars the musical Fraggles, the industrious Doozers and the royal Gorgs, who all learn about living together in Fraggle Rock.

The Jim Henson Company‘s classic and award-winning programming on its streaming platform, providing a one-stop destination to enjoy and rediscover many of the Company’s most popular specials and series. Prime Video will be offering a plethora of the Company’s popular content to 68 English language territories including the U.S., Canada, the U.K., Australia, New Zealand and the Nordics, with on-demand access to titles like Fraggle Rock, The Storyteller, The Wubbulous World of Dr. Seuss, and Pajanimals (certain territory exclusions apply).

“Featuring masterful puppets and creatures from the world-famous Jim Henson’s Creature Shop, these popular titles reflect the magic and wonder that has become synonymous with The Jim Henson Company brand,” commented Anna Moorefield, Vice President, Global Distribution for The Jim Henson Company. “These beloved shows will all be on Amazon Prime Video, providing immediate access for our legions of fans as well as an entirely new generation of viewers.”

Available in up to 68 territories including the U.S., Canada, the U.K., Australia, New Zealand, and the Nordics, the collection includes:

  • Fraggle Rock: The Animated Series (13 x 30’): Based on the original, live-action puppet show, this animated series features new stories and songs.
  • Doozer Music (1 x 15’): Features popular songs sung by the hardworking Doozers of Fraggle Rock.
  • Fraggle Songs (1 x 60’): Showcases favorite songs from the first season of Fraggle Rock.
  • The Song of the Cloud Forest (1 x 30’): A blend of music, puppetry, and animation echoes the natural beauty found in the real world’s rain forests.
  • Living with Dinosaurs (1 x 52’): A troubled boy confides in his toy dinosaur to help him come to terms with the changes and difficulties in his life.
  • Lighthouse Island (1 x 30’): Rivals fight for a mysterious, stolen pearl that has the power to transform the shape of whoever possesses it.
  • Monster Maker (1 x 73’): A young teen is confronted by the fantastic and frightening creations of his own imagination.

Certain English-speaking territories can also view:

  • Fraggle Rock (96 x 25’, excluding the United States): The International Emmy-award winning series stares the musical Fraggles, the industrious Doozers, and the royal Gorgs, who all learn about living together in Fraggle Rock.
  • The Storyteller (9 x 30’, excluding the United States): An anthology series starring legendary actor John Hurt in the title role telling European folk tales to his cynical dog.
  • The Storyteller: Greek Myths (4 x 30’, excluding the United States): Starring Michael Gambon in the title role, this spin-off series features a new Storyteller who finds himself trapped with his dog in the ruins of an ancient Labyrinth.
  • Pajanimals (26 x 22’, excluding Canada): Four sweet characters embark on amazing adventures of discovery, modeling the skills preschoolers need to move through their day successfully.
  • The Wubbulous World of Dr. Seuss (40 x 30’, excluding the United States): An Emmy-award winning puppet series featuring the fun, music, and adventures of some of the characters created by celebrated children’s author Dr. Seuss.
  • Mother Goose Stories (13 x 24’, excluding the United States): A live-action puppet series featuring well-known nursery rhymes.

Fans are encouraged to follow The Jim Henson Company’s official social channels for specific Prime Video territory details.

Source: The Jim Henson Company

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