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Amano Yoshitaka Designs Key Visuals for New ‘Ninja Vampire’ IP

Acclaimed Japanese artist behind ‘Vampire Hunter D’ and the ‘Final Fantasy’ series designs key visuals for new property to be introduced at MIPCOM 2016.

NagoyaTV and Tokyo-headquartered company Lotus have announced the joint development of Ninja Vampire, an original property for overseas market. The popular Japanese character designer, Amano Yoshitaka (Vampire Hunter D, Final Fantasy series), has designed the new IP’s key visuals, and Ninja Vampire will be presented this October at MIPCOM.

NagoyaTV has also been focusing its business development on the production of Harmonium which was awarded the Jury Prize of "Un Certain Regard" category at the 69th Cannes International Film Festival. It is Directed by Fukada Koji and is slated for release on Saturday, October 8th. Harmonium follows in the footsteps of An, directed by Kawase Naomi, another successful feature film Nagoya TV produced and released worldwide in 2015.

NagoyaTV and Lotus formed a strategic alliance to jointly develop Lotus's original content for the overseas market. Lotus, known for its popular and original content such as Ninja Soccer (the English-language graphic novel version released in 240 countries and regions focusing in non-Japanese territories), produced with GAINAX, has been actively trying to create original content for global viewers for a variety of platforms.

Ninja Vampire is about the first Buddhist vampires in the world. They are not afraid of crosses, garlic or holy water. The Ninja Vampires battle with traditional vampires and mankind. It is a story about the resurrection of a Ninja Vampire, born in Europe a long ago, now in modern times.

The official sales promotion of Ninja Vampire is slated to begin at MIPCOM in Cannes beginning October 17, 2016.

Source: Lotus Co., Ltd.