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Alt.vfx Helps Deliver Honda’s Latest Dream Ad to the Screen

Sydney-based digital studio creates visual effects for Honda’s ‘Dream Chaser’ from director Nathan Price and Goodoil Films.

SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA -- Award-winning digital studio Alt.vfx has delivered on another hit campaign with its latest advert for Honda. Director Nathan Price from Goodoil Films and agency Leo Burnett collaborated to put “Dream Chaser” together for Honda. This is the third advert the team has created for Honda, after “Dream Run” (directed by Nathan Price) and “Wild Horses” (directed by Hamish Rothwell).

“Dream Chaser,” written by Leo Burnett Melbourne, features a remote newsreader who holds a dream of being the main studio anchor. When a mysterious comet crashes towards earth, she chases the story with her crew aboard a brand new Honda Civic, and after coming into contact with the crater, she hops back in time and into an alternative reality, exchanging places with the studio anchor and realizing her dreams at last.

“We had to make sure that the comet didn’t look like a disaster movie, but instead helped realize Nathan’s vision of an other-worldly force,” said Alt's Executive Producer Kate Stenhouse. “We did a lot of look development before shooting to make sure we had the elements just right, from the comet and the explosion to the impact crater tendrils and the integration of the purple crystals.”

Filmed on location in Victoria, "Dream Chaser" director Nathan Price and his crew captured the actors and car in some of Australia’s most dramatic landscapes, with Alt's VFX Supervisor Colin Renshaw being on set to oversee production.

Renshaw commented, “Our environment artists worked closely with the Leos team and Nathan in creating the pre and post meteor strike landscape. Intricate CG simulations were used to create the comet breaking through the earth’s atmosphere. We had to strike a delicate balance between believability and fantasy and in the end, I think we nailed it. We are delighted with the latest installment in our ongoing collaboration with Honda.”

Source: Alt.vfx