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AlphaDogs Provides Post Services for 'Bronies' Doc

Alpha provides post services for the feature length documentary, “Bronies: The Extremely Unexpected Adult Fans Of My Little Pony,” which follows the cultural phenomenon of “Bronies” around the world.

Burbank, CA -- The biggest fans of My Little Pony are not limited to little girls anymoreandmay be surpassed by adult men, or otherwise known as “Bronies” who now are presumably one of the fastest growing fan bases of the franchise. Business professionals from all walks of life (including some women) are finding the true meaning of “friendship is magic” in a community that allows men to be sensitive and compassionate, without being viewed as weak.

In the feature-length documentary Bronies: The Extremely Unexpected Adult Fans Of My Little Pony filmmaker John de Lancie follows the cultural phenomenon of  “Bronies” around the world as they make their way to My Little Pony conventions in Germany, England, and BronyCon in the United States.  Challenged with a limited budget for audio but not wanting to compromise on quality, Executive Producer Michael Brockhoff called upon the expertise of AlphaDogs in providing a creative solution for the documentary’s tight post-production budget. Having worked with AlphaDogs on previous projects Brockhoff felt confident in bringing his project to the facility once again.  “AlphaDogs consistently offers high quality services on time and within budget,” said Brockhoff. “The AlphaDogs team took the time to get to know what our project was about and understand what we were trying to achieve.”

Curtis Fritsch, Audio Mixer at AlphaDogs, approached the post process in a strategic way by working simultaneously on the various audio aspects of the film.  Fritsch comments, “I worked on a few things at the same time, when I would normally just dedicate myself to doing one specific task at a time. I wanted to make sure that the clients deadline was met, and by working on multiple aspects at once I was able to finish both the film and the extra features on time.” Dialogue cleanup, adjustments in music levels, and sound effects were all finished in a timely manner delivering high quality audio in a cost-effective manner. “We were happy with the sound design because of the attention to detail and dedication to get it right. We will continue to use AlphaDogs as our post facility of choice because they care about the quality of our product as much as we do.” said Brockhoff. 

Directed by Laurent Malaquais Bronies is the 5th most successfully funded film and video project funded on Kickstarter raising a total of $322,000.

Executive Producers include Michael Brockhoff, John de Lancie, Lauren Faust and Tara Strong.

Source: AlphaDogs

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