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Allegorithmic Opens New Offices in China, North America

Allegorithmic opens two new subsidiary branches in China and North America.

Clermont-Ferrand, France -- Allegorithmic announces the opening of two new subsidiary branches in Shanghai and Los Angeles. This move will increase Allegorithmic’s ability to offer onsite art and engineering support in two of their biggest territories, and expand their capacity to meet the demands that have resulted from their product’s rapid growth and adoption in the games industry.

“We hear the industry loud and clear: they want Substance in their next gen pipelines,” said Dr. Sébastien Deguy, founder and CEO of Allegorithmic. “With onsite presence in these territories, Allegorithmic will be able to support the transition into the pipeline they want now and the one they are going to need 10 years down the road.”

The home office in France will now be focusing on R&D and product development while business development and support will be moving closer to their customers. With more than 3,000 licensees on their current roster, and with the arrival of new platforms in the market that require custom support, Allegorithmic’s investment will be felt by their customers almost immediately.

“For crunch-driven industries, access to responsive and quality support is mandatory,” added Deguy. “And now that Allegorithmic is on three continents, we are a stone’s throw away from some of the biggest development markets in the world. Call anytime!”

Source: Allegorithmic