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Alice Loveday Joins London-Based Hoi Polloi

New director brings whimsy and passion to her stop-frame 2D work.

London-based Hoi Polloi has welcomed Alice Loveday to their team as director. Loveday is known for her stop-frame work, which has been described as playful and shining with passion for everything tactile and vibrant. After college, Loveday worked with Edgar Wright, creating the graphics for Scott Pilgrim vs The World. While living in Australia she worked at The Sydney Museum as well as on Martin Scorsese’s Hugo and Kenneth Branagh’s Cinderella. Now London-based, she has been working with Leo Burnett for McDonalds, creating stop-frame content for John Lewis, and refining her own 2D range of work.

“I am very excited to be joining the wonderful team at HoiPolloi,” commented Loveday. “We have a shared enthusiasm for experimentation and creativity, so I'm really looking forward to the fun ideas our collaboration brings!”

“Alice’s work is whimsical and instantly cheerful,” noted Hoi Polloi executive producer, Pete Shuttleworth. “Her visual playfulness and use of color makes watching her work a delight. Her animation is effortlessly warm and just draws you in. She is a massive talent, hugely creative, and lovely to work with. We are really proud that Alice has decided to be part of Hoi Polloi”

Source: Hoi Polloi