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Alias|Wavefront, producers ofaccredited character animation and visual effects tool Maya, have announceda significant upgrade to the product; an upgrade which brings important newtools to 3D animators and effects artists. Version 2.5 comes complete withMaya Paint Effects: a revolutionary new tool which allows artists to createand animate stunning organic and painterly effects almost instantly. PaintEffects features an extensive library of 2D and 3D preset brushes, whichcan be used to create a virtually unlimited number and variety of real andsurreal organic forms such as hair, trees, flowers, feathers, fire,lightning and stars. Also new to Maya comes Maya Builder, a tool set aimedat maximizing performance for games designers and programmers. The new MayaBuilder software includes the polygonal modeling and texturing tools foundin Maya Complete, award-winning Maya Artisan features, Maya's EmbeddedScripting Language (MEL), and the full Maya API. Using Maya Builder, gamedevelopers can customize Maya to suit the needs of their production,letting them access Maya's internal data structures for use in writingtranslators or custom plug-ins. For a software upgrade released so soonafter a previous version, Maya 2.5 has an immense amount of new features,many of which are geared towards fulfilling the needs of the ever moredemanding games industry. Maya 2.5 is shipping now at a starting price ofUS$7,500 for the complete version, and US$16,000 for the unlimited version.Maya Builder has an SRP of US$2,995. For more information