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Alias|Wavefront Bring Maya To The Mac

At the Apple World Wide Developers Conference Steve Jobs, Apple's CEO, announced that Alias|Wavefront would be bringing out a version of Maya 3 for the Apple MAC OS X platform. Until now, Maya has only been available for high-end workstations including Windows NT and IRIX. This announcement is a significant one for both Apple and Alias|Wavefront, as well as for MAC users. Apple is poising Maya as the "premier 3D application for the MAC." With Newtek's Lightwave [6] as its only real competitor, Alias|Wavefront's flagship product will probably turn out to be just that. For now though, MAC users will have to make do with the tools they have, as Maya for MAC isn't due for release until 2001. This move by Alias|Wavefront represents a major move toward the MAC platform by the computer graphics community. With all the recent fuss about the miraculous NT platform, it is beginning to seem, for 3D at least, that MAC is back.