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Alias|Wavefront and Eyeon Software have partnered to create Maya Fusion

Alias|Wavefront, the producers of Maya, and Eyeon Software, the producers of Digital Fusion, have partnered to create a new video compositing solution for NT...Maya Fusion. The two companies are pitching Maya Fusion as a program that will bridge the gap between 2D and 3D by introducing a new production technique for blending 3D character animation with live action environments.

Maya Fusion will be based on Eyeon's Digital Fusion, and will incorporate the tight 2D/3D workflow integration of Maya. "The combination and integration of these features with the Maya tool set promises to set new standards in digital production," commented John-Mark Austin, senior technical director at Rhythm & Hues. "Frankly, we can hardly wait!" For more information on Maya Fusion drop by the Alias|Wavefront booth at NAB 99 where the software will be previewed, or visit their web site at