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Alessandro Pacciani and Platige Image Team on ‘Jaguar’ Crash Course

Live-action stunts are combined with CG elements in manic VFX-driven urban car chase spot.

Alessandro Pacciani, with the help of Platige Image, has created a “smashing” new project, Jaguar Playground.  In the non-stop spot, camera work, editing and the combination of stunt scenes and CG elements in multiple VFX shots drags you into an immersive experience of an urban car chase. Accompanied by Shirley Temple’s classic, “Oh My Goodness,” the project is not your typical car industry promotional piece.

For Pacciani, night shoots on the streets of an Asian metropolis created much more than just logistical problems. It made it impossible to build consistent lighting scenes throughout the spot. In addition, using multiple camera rigs with different characteristics on multiple locations, with mostly natural lighting, was particularly challenging to the VFX and post-production team. They had to perfectly recreate multiple lighting conditions during rendering, matching them with various kinds of optics, motion blur and grain during final compositing when live-action plates and CG elements were combined into one seamless projection.  The team also had to wrestle with removing outrageous amounts of noise in all the shadow areas. The sound mix and effects were done at Source Sound Inc, the most sought after place for high-end car sound effects in Hollywood.

Source: Platige Image