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AI-Generated Animated Feature ‘DreadClub: Vampire's Verdict’ Streams in July

From indie creator Hooroo Jackson and made for $405, the film follows a college scandal and a vampire on trial, premieres this July on major streaming platforms.

It had to happen sometime. The world now has its first fully AI-generated animated feature film, DreadClub: Vampire's Verdict. The film follows Betty Gray, a college student drawn into a doomed romance with a man on trial for being a vampire.

"DreadClub isn't your typical vampire romance," creator Hooroo Jackson asserts. "It's a raw, unfiltered exploration of truth versus lies, reality vs. fantasy. Betty is drawn to Duchamps just like we are drawn to A.I."

The film is comprised of more than 17,000 AI-generated images, with all video, performances, music, and sound AI-generated. Jackson said his film was produced for a mere $405, a fraction of the “$1.5 to $2.5 million estimated budget for traditional production methods.”


Addressing industry concerns, Jackson states, "When CGI streamlined technology in the '90s, entire professions became obsolete. There was no pity then. AI is simply another tool, like CGI software. We're not aiming to match Hollywood – but to inject much needed adrenaline into its creative stagnation."

DreadClub: Vampire's Verdict premieres this month on major streaming platforms.

Source: Hooroo Jackson

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