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ADV Adds Right Stuf To Its Library

Animation film company ADV Films has inked a distribution deal for the

entire catalog of films from The Right Stuf International, Inc. ADV's

library includes BKN cartoon MONSTER RANCHERS. "Because we have anime

standards such as NEON GENESIS EVANGELION and new classics like BUBBLEGUM

CRISIS: TOKYO 2040, forming an alliance with The Right Stuf is a dream come

true for us," states ADV Films President John Ledford. "The Right Stuf has

two of the true milestones of anime in their enormous catalog; KIMBA, THE

WHITE LION and ASTRO BOY. This means a lot to us, and to me, personally,

both as a fan of the genre and as a filmmaker. To have the privilege of

distributing the most famous black-and-white anime title [ASTRO BOY] of all

time in our repertoire is a tremendous coup for us," Ledford explains. "The

Right Stuf tracked down the original film elements from collectors all over

the world, then meticulously cleaned and restored each episode. You ask

connoisseurs of the genre, and the first black-and-white cartoon they come

up with is ASTRO BOY." The Right Stuf has already announced the re-release

of KIMBA, the first color Japanese series, which is set to hit stores at

the end of March 2000.

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