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Adult Swim Cancels ‘The Venture Bros.’

17 years after his pilot first aired, creator Christopher McCulloch acknowledges on Twitter that his show will not be returning for an eighth season.

Series creator and director Christopher McCullough shared the unfortunate news yesterday that his long-time animated comedy, The Venture Bros., has been canceled by Adult Swim. 17 years and seven seasons after it aired the pilot, the network has pulled the plug during pre-production on the show’s eighth season.  

According to McCullough, known on Twitter and the show as Jackson Publick, “We got the highly disappointing news a few months ago, while we were writing what would have been season 8. We thank you, our amazing fans, for 17 years of your kind (and patient) attention. And, as always, We Love You.”

The network is reportedly looking for a way to keep the series alive, including a possible move to HBO Max; a network statement posted on Variety read, “We also want more Venture Bros. and have been working with Jackson [Publick] and Doc [Hammer] to find another way to continue the Venture Bros. story.”

The show spoofs 1960s cartoons such as Jonny Quest and boys' adventure novels like the “Tom Swift” and “Hardy Boys” series. The Venture brothers – fraternal twins and total idiots Hank and Dean - travel around the world with their renowned scientist father, Doctor Venture, who can't stand his dimwitted sons.

With only seven seasons broadcast since the show premiered in 2004, fans often had to wait several years for new episodes; the last new season ran in 2018.

The voice cast included McCulloch, along with writer Eric Hammer, Michael Sinterniklaas, James Urbaniak, Patrick Warburton, Steven Rattazzi and Dana Snyder. Lamenting the show’s cancelation, Urbaniak took to Twitter:

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