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Adobe’s Festival of the Impossible 2020 Moves Online

3rd annual event spotlights artists who use Adobe Aero to create and showcase immersive art projects. 

Adobe has unveiled the third annual Festival of the Impossible; created to showcase cutting-edge Adobe technology and thought-provoking art pieces. Over the last three years the event has given artists exhibition space, stipends, and creative support to share their immersive art projects with the people of San Francisco. This year the event is going online with the festival supporting artists’ stories and sharing them with the world - virtually.

This year’s theme, “Identity and the Meaning of Home,” was selected in January but has become more relevant over the past few months, as social distancing restrictions, remote work and other hurdles due to COVID-19 have challenged creatives to think in new ways and to reflect on the definition of “home.” 

The exhibit features artists like Anna Landa, whose work explores the subjectivity of human perception, and her project “White Noise” which was inspired by Hitchcock’s Rear Window.

Featured Artists and their Projects:

  • Juan Jose Egusquiza – “Memories of the Mundane, Something Abstract”
  • Luigi Honorat and Deena Lynch – “Jaguar Jonze’s Rising Sun”
  • Asavari Kumar – “The New Normal’
  • Anna Landa – “White Noise”
  • Dan Marcolina – “The Path Home”
  • Matthew Ritchie – “Aislar, The Masked City”

To view more about the artists and their work, click here.

Source: Adobe