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Adobe Updates Substance Painter and Designer

Enhanced features support hiding of geometry mask while painting; copy and paste effects between layers and texture sets; streamlined UV tile workflow; and several new design updates such as Pantone integration.

Adobe has announced the latest release of Substance Painter, with UX improvements to offer users greater flexibility. Users can now:

  • Isolate model parts when painting: This highly requested feature supports hiding the geometry mask while painting, separating elements for full access to a mesh.
  • Copy and paste effects: Instead of rebuilding assets or creating anchors to link effects, users can copy effects between layers and texture sets.

  • Streamline their UV tile workflow: Artists can add descriptions to UV tiles for improved organization. Now there is an improved thumbnail preview for the fill layers in the UV Tiles workflow.
  • New stitch tools: 3 new tool presets are now available to add stitches in your texture. That is 3 tool presets and 26 combinations providing for numerous variations; the stitches are designed to look exceptional in the final render.

Adobe has also added Python functionality and new content to Substance Painter to help users get most of the Python API in Substance Painter. Manage custom shelves, and now new content integration can be automated.

The Substance Designer release includes the following features:

  • Pantone integration: Users can match selected colors to a Pantone Spot Color and use the same Pantone Books across Substance Designer and Photoshop.

  • Enable or disable nodes in a graph: Improved control over nodes saves computation time for a faster workflow.

  • Export tessellated mesh from the viewport: This feature saves artists significant time and can be used for 3D printing.

Watch and learn more about the Substance releases:

Source: Adobe