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Adobe Atmosphere Player for Adobe Reader Expands 3D Content

Adobe Systems Inc., a leader in network publishing, announced Adobe Atmosphere Player for Adobe Reader, a free download for viewing and interacting with Atmosphere environments embedded in Adobe Portable Document Format (PDF) documents. The Player allows users to navigate and interact with objects in realtime, within a 3D space, replicating the sensation of being in a specific environment, such as an art gallery, a concert venue or a storybook world. The Adobe Atmosphere Player will be available for free download beginning in early November.

Adobe Atmosphere Player is part of a complete system for creating and customizing interactive 3D environments. The Windows-based family of products also encompasses: Adobe Atmosphere, a sophisticated authoring tool, with pricing and availability soon to be announced; Atmosphere Player, a Web browser plug-in; and the Atmosphere Collaboration Server, which enables realtime interaction between users within Atmosphere 3D environments.

Adobe Atmosphere, a powerful professional authoring tool for creating multimedia and graphically rich, interactive environments, also referred to as stages, exposes visitors to a variety of interactive content. While in Atmosphere environments, users can also collaborate and interact with each other in realtime. Document designers can use Adobe Atmosphere to create dynamic 3D stages, with realistic lighting, motion and sound, as well as high-quality, animated 3D objects. These stages can be incorporated into instructional manuals, product specification documents, educational documents and promotional materials. The new Adobe Atmosphere Player embeds these multimedia environments into Adobe PDF documents. A physics engine within the Adobe Atmosphere Player also provides full physical simulation, including gravity and friction, adding unprecedented realism to the information and entertainment value of content in Adobe PDF documents.

To experience Atmosphere 3-D environments firsthand, visit customer examples of Atmosphere-enhanced Web sites and documents at

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