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The Academy Screens the Next Oscar-Winning Animated Short

Yesterday, the Motion Picture Academy screened 45 qualified animated short films for short list voting in a program from which the eventual 2011 Oscar winner will be chosen.

Yesterday, the Motion Picture Academy screened 45 qualified animated short films for short list voting in a program from which the eventual 2011 Oscar winner will be chosen.  Most people don’t keep tabs on the best new animated shorts produced each year.

However, now you know that this year’s Oscar-winning short, to be crowned next February 26th, is one of the films on the list shown below. 

The LA screening, to be followed by a New York screening next week, presented 45 short films for attending Academy members.  From these 45 films, the annual 10 film "short list" will be chosen for voting by the members of the Short Films and Animated Features branch, which will whittle the list down to the final 5 nominees.  These nominees are then voted on by the entire Academy membership at designated screenings. AWN will publish more information on this process and selection of films in the coming weeks.

The complete 45 film list is as follows:

A Morning Stroll     Directed by Grant Orchard (Studio AKA) England

A Shadow of Blue     Directed by Carlos Lascano

Birdboy     Directed by Alberto Vasquez (Abrikim Studio)

Chopin's Drawings    Directed by Dorota Kobiela (BreakThru Films) Poland

Correspondence      Directed by Zach Hyer (Pratt)

Daisy Cutter     Directed by Enrique Garcia & Rubin Salazar (Silverspace)

Dimanche/ Sunday     Directed by Patrick Doyon (NFB)

El Salon Mexico      Directed by Paul Glickman and Tamarind King

Enrique Wrecks the World      Directed by David Chai

Ente Tod Und Tulipe (Duck Death and the Tulip)     Directed by Matthias Bruhn (Richard Lutterbeck - Trickstudio)

Fat Hamster    Directed by Adam Wyrwas (BreakThru Films) Poland

Grandpa Looked Like William Powell     Directed by David Levy

Hamster Heaven    Directed by Paul Bolger (BreakThru Films) Poland

I Tawt I Taw a Puddy Tat    Directed by Matt O'Callaghan (Warner Bros.)

I Was the Child of Holocaust Survivors     Directed by Anne Marie Fleming (NFB)

Ingrid Pitt: Beyond the Forest    Directed by Kevin Sean Michaels USA

Kahanikar    Directed by Nandita Jain (National Film and Television School) England

La Luna    Directed by Enrico Casarosa (Pixar)

Little Postman    Directed by Dorota Kobiela (BreakThru Films) Poland

Luminaris    Directed by Juan Pablo Zaramella (JPZaramella Studios)

Luna    Directed by Donna Brockopp (Rainmaker) Canada

Maska    Directed by Timothy and Stephen Quay (Sem-ma-for) Poland

Muybridge's Strings     Directed by Koji Yamamura

My Hometown     Produced and Directed by Jerry Levitan, Written and Narrated by Yoko Ono (Eggplant)

Night Island     Directed by Salvador Maldonado (BreakThru Films) Poland

Nullarbor     Directed by Alister Lockhart

Papa's Boy    Directed by Leevi Lemmetty (BreakThru Films) Poland

Paths of Hate    Directed by Damien Nenow (Platige Image) Poland

Romance    Directed by George Schwizgebel (NFB & Studio GDS)

Specky Four-Eyes     Directed by Jean Claude Rozec (Vivement Lundi)

Spirits of the Piano    Directed by Magdalena Osinska (BreakThru Films) Poland

Thank You     Directed by Pendleton Ward & Thomas Herpich (Cartoon Network Studios in partnership with Frederator)

The Ballad of Nessie    Directed by Stevie Wermers (Walt Disney Studios)

The External World       Directed by David Oreilly

The Fantastic Flying Books of Mr. Morris Lessmore    Directed by William Joyce & Brandon Oldenburg (Moonbot Studios)

The Gloaming     Directed by Nobrain (Autour De Minuit) France

The Lost Town of Switez    Directed by Kamil Polak (Human Ark) Poland

The Magic Piano    Directed by Martin Clapp (BreakThru Films) Poland

The Monster of Nix     Directed by Rosto

The Renter     Directed by Jason Carpenter (CalArts)

The Smurf's a Christmas Carol     Directed by Troy Quane (Sony Pictures Animation)

The Tannery     Directed by Iain Gardner (Axis Animation)

The Vermeers Directed by Tal S. Shamir

Vincenta     Directed by Samuel Orti Marti

Wild Life    Directed by Amanda Forbis & Wendy Tilby (NFB)

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