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The Academy Helps ‘Reclaim the Kitchen’ with New PSA

Swedish team Brikk inspires culinary artistry in a new PSA blending sharp tabletop with cleverly delectable cuisine design for Wolf Ranges.

Seattle, WA -- Seattle-based animation studio The Academy’s Swedish team Brikk inspire culinary artistry in the new 2:45  PSA, “Reclaim the Kitchen,” for Wolf Ranges out of The Richards Group.  Fusing sharp tabletop with cleverly delectable cuisine design, the short takes a bird’s eye view of picture-worthy edibles to urge people to ditch eating out and get back into the kitchen for home cooked meals. The dynamic visual storytelling not only paints an engaging narrative for the high-end gas range brand, but also lures viewers in with the mouth-watering and culinary show-worthy dishes that are enough to ignite a cooking impulse in even the most dedicated pizza delivery customer. The short will appear on the Reclaim the Kitchen microsite and the campaign also includes the additional :15s “The Solution” and “Starts With One.” In addition to directing the campaign, Brikk also handled comprehensive VFX and animation. 

Brikk is a studio in Stockholm, Sweden made up of three collaborative directors.  They have a team of freelance designers and animators, and are capable of handling projects of all shapes and sizes.  Their style combines traditional craftsmanship with modern digital techniques.

Source: The Academy

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