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A+C Studios Creates Stop-Motion Short for Happy Eggs Co.

Margate-based production company creates new paper craft stop-motion film for agency Blimey Creative and Happy Eggs Co. USA.

KENT, U.K. -- Commissioned by Happy Eggs Co. USA and created by Blimey Creative, A+C Studios created a stop-motion campaign to show U.S. egg lovers what free-range should mean. Since 2012, when they first launched the brand in the U.S., Happy Eggs Co., along with Blimey Creative, have worked hard to squash free-range misconceptions and are now officially the number-one free-range brand on the egg aisle.

The campaign, “True Free Range,” helps US consumers understand the importance of happy chickens, and keep them making the right decision in the supermarket aisle. Using stop motion animation, the film depicts sustainable farming, green fields, free-wandering with trees and indoor access demonstrating how Happy Eggs Co. eschews the inhumane practices of factory farming.

The colorful spot, produced by Margate based production company A+C Studios, combines stop motion and paper art to show exactly what goes into a Happy Eggs Co. box by doing exactly that, constructing a growing farm from an egg box. It’s this painstakingly handmade quality that unleashes animation’s potential for magic, in turn hopefully results in a wonderfully natural and atmospheric film. The entire piece was created in-house, shot on a tabletop and produced in less than six weeks.

Dan Richards, Director at A+C Studios, commented, “Happy Eggs Co. wanted to champion their free range ethos, so the use of a natural materials such as paper seem to suit be a perfect match. Growing up as a child, I built my first characters and creations using egg boxes and paper, so it was fun to get back to my roots. The innocent of paper and card made for a wonderful aesthetic, which our model team engineered into a vibrant props and characters.”

The final film is subtly persuasive in driving home the message about responsible food production/culture and invokes what true free range really is - happy hens exploring, foraging and shaking their tail feathers. The film is being launched at trade shows in the US and UK and will be broadcast online, across web and social channels.

Source: A+C Studios