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ABC Family Premieres Anime Adventure Series Beyblade And Shinzo

ABC Family's newly expanded summer line-up, which debuts July 6, 2002will showcase twelve action-adventure series, including the Americantelevision debut of two anime series, BEYBLADE and SHINZO. BEYBLADE,produced by d-rights, follows martial arts student Tyson as heperfects his technique in the extreme sport of Beyblade (based on atraditional Japanese spinning-top game called Bei-goma). SHINZO is ananime action series set in a time when mutants rule the world. Theseries is a production of Toei Animation Co., Ltd. and BVSEntertainment, Inc. In addition, ABC Family will showcase threedifferent SPIDER-MAN television series (SPIDER-MAN, SPIDER-MAN ANDHIS AMAZING FRIENDS and SPIDER-MAN UNLIMITED), the superhero seriesX-MEN and THE INCREDIBLE HULK, returning seasons of DIGIMON andMEDABOTS, THE BEST OF POWER RANGERS and the ABC Family premiere ofBIG GUY AND RUSTY THE BOY ROBOT. The new ABC Family kids' line-up iscomprised of ten hours on the weekends and 10 hours across theweekdays. In making the announcement, Rich Ross, president,entertainment, Disney Channel, who oversees the kids'action/adventure block on ABC Family said, "We premiered our actionadventure schedule three months ago and have delivered ratingsincreases of 100% in households, 67% in kids 6-11 and a 300% and 250%leap in the boys 2-11 and boys 6-11 demographics, so with additionalSPIDER-MAN series and exciting new shows like BEYBLADE joining POWERRANGERS this summer, we're looking forward to continued growth."