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Aardman Revamps Wallace & Gromit Site

Aardman Animations has hired online video solutions firm ROO Group to re-launch the WALLACE AND GROMIT website ( with advanced video functionality. This is the first time that video footage of the British animation series has been made openly available online.

The new website will house a mini player on the homepage, which will link through to a main portal player with full-screen viewing capabilities. A significant collection of WALLACE AND GROMIT content will be on offer, including a series of short films and clips from their classic animations.

Moving forward, the site will also be used to showcase future WALLACE AND GROMIT material to its fan base.

The content will be free and funded through video advertising. Advertisers will be able to purchase pre-roll video and banner ad formats directly from ROO, which will run across the mini player and main video portal.

The video player will be powered by the ROO Video Exchange platform, delivering full backend hosting, uploading and streaming of video assets, while allowing Aardman Animations to self-manage its video content strategy.

Tony Martin, SVP ROO Europe, said, "It is great to see a British filmmaker so keen to open up its content to online viewers and demand for advertising is expected to be high. ROO will be managing advertising sales on behalf of Aardman Animations, so that they can focus on what's important to them -- content."

Paul Deane, head of online at Aardman Animations, added, "The ROO player and ROO's experience in selling the associated advertising lets us run our own WALLACE & GROMIT channel for fans to watch anytime. We're really excited about it and think fans of WALLACE & GROMIT will love it too."

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