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Aardman & Driven Create Epic #ToadOff Campaign for Vimto

CG-animated spot featuring Aardman’s ‘Vimtoad’ character taking on a new rival is directed by Will Studd.

BRISTOL, UK -- Award-winning studio Aardman has partnered with advertising agency Driven to create a new 30 second commercial for Vimto Soft Drinks to launch the brand’s new Remix range. The new product strategy is designed to engage and entertain a younger audience and the new ad features the Vimtoad character, originally created by Aardman back in 2014, taking on a rival toad in an epic fruit fight!

Directed by Will Studd, the beautiful CG ad takes influence from action movie scenes as the toads battle in a frantic exchange of two mixes of fruit representing the flavors in original Vimto and Vimto Remix and is set to the recently released grime track “Do You Really Wanna Do This” by Box Bottom featuring Dubble A Stars and Nat Jay.

“In the “Toad Off” spot I wanted to create a gritty, tangible feel to the action. Hand held cameras, chase shots, camera shake are just a few of the techniques used to try and get a sense of being in the action,” explained Studd. “For pacing, I used a lot of time ramping, going from normal speed to slow motion. I wanted to break up the scenes and give the audience some breathing space but also included slow-motion to give people a chance to take in detail and action, especially the animated liquids, and fruit.”

The action concludes with both toads landing a direct hit of fruit in the others face, so both taste the other flavor.

Chris Lear, Creative Partner at driven commented, “Aardman have brought the #TOADOFF idea to life brilliantly. It has real impact and is beautifully crafted. We’re excited to see how teenagers react to it”.  

The campaign will be running on VOD, YouTube, Snapchat, Instagram, Cinema, digital display and social, supported by geo targeted mobile and instore activity.  

Source: Aardman