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Aardman Creates New 'Gumball' Game

Cartoon Network’s “The Amazing World of Gumball” comes to life in an exciting new online game produced by Aardman Digital.

Bristol, UK -- Aardman Digital has produced an exciting new online game for The Amazing World of Gumball, the award-winning animated series produced by Cartoon Network’s European development studio and broadcast globally on Cartoon Network.

The Amazing World of Gumball tells the story of an extra-ordinary suburban family who just happen to live in an ordinary town. There’s Dad, a 6’4” pink rabbit who stays at home while Mum works in the rainbow factory. And their kids are pretty standard too: there’s Gumball, a blue cat with a giant head, Anais, a 4-year-old genius bunny, and Darwin, a pet goldfish who became part of the family when he sprouted legs.

The online game “Dino Donkey Dash” is based on popular episode “The Quest” and will consist of fast-paced mini-games which create a fun and engaging online experience for kids.  It will launch on Cartoon Network websites across Europe, Middle East and Africa.

Louise Okafor, Director of Digital Entertainment, EMEA at Turner Broadcasting said “It’s a fantastic game which wonderfully encapsulates the creative emphasis of the series, but also works as a unique standalone proposition, which is really what you want when creating an online product affiliated to a series. Aardman are great partners to work with and we’re looking forward to seeing the game debut globally on Cartoon Network.”

The game requires the player to control Gumball and Darwin as they heroically try to get little sister Anais’ toy-donkey Daisy back after it is snatched by Tina the T-Rex.  Tina, although seemingly scary is really just a gentle giant who lives in the chaotic junkyard where the games are set. Each game focuses on a section of the narrative, first of all creeping up on a sleeping Tina in ‘Stealth Mode’, followed by the duo precariously trying to free Daisy by nudging her from Tina’s grasp in the second game ‘Dino Poke’.  The final game culminates in a mad dash to out-run Tina to the safety of the junkyard perimeter in ‘Junkyard Chase’.  When each game is completed successfully the player unlocks amusing achievements and clips from the show as a reward. Much of the gameplay is inspired by the comedy and peril depicted in key scenes of the fast and furious episode, making for an exciting battle against the clock! 

Each mini-game can be played as single-player or local two-player - in single-player mode, the player plays as Gumball, in two-player mode one player is Gumball and the other player is Darwin. The Aardman team have seamlessly blended the original 2D and 3D animations and live action environments from the show with interactive elements designed to take kids on an exciting journey into The Amazing World of Gumball!

The Amazing World of Gumball is possibly the most surreal, cartoon ever to have existed, which is exactly why we're all very excited to work with Turner Broadcasting and create their latest game.” explains Dan Efergan, Creative Director at Aardman Digital, going on to add, “Keeping the game full of the fiendishly clever, silly humour, that's core to the shows brand, has been one of the main challenges. But it's not that difficult when you're creating a game that includes in its cast a mutant goldfish and a needy T-Rex!”

Dino Donkey Dash, created by the digital arm of the Oscar winning animation studio, is the most recent offering from the division as they continue to develop engaging new online entertainment for a growing portfolio of external clients.

Source: Aardman Digital