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The 95th Academy Awards: VFX Nominees React

Oscar nominees named this morning for Best Visual Effects share their reactions.

Following this morning’s announcement of the nominations for the 95th Academy Awards, filmmakers involved with all 5 films nominated for Best Visual Effects have shared their reactions.

Let’s have a look at how some of the industry’s leading VFX artists are taking the great news…

Netflix’s All Quiet on the Western Front 

The VFX team is so incredibly honored and happy to see our work nominated today! With 9 nominations it really shows that the whole team under Edward's direction crafted an amazing picture and the feedback is stunning.

-- Frank Petzold, VFX Supervisor

20th Century Studios’ Avatar: The Way of Water

On behalf of Richie Baneham, Eric Saindon, Dan Barrett and myself, we'd like to thank the Academy for recognizing the artistry that went into the creation of the immersive world of Avatar: The Way of Water.  We're honored to be among this year's nominees.

-- Joe Letteri, Senior VFX Supervisor

Marvel Studios’ Black Panther: Wakanda Forever

What an honor it is for Black Panther: Wakanda Forever to be nominated for achievement in Visual Effects, alongside the other outstanding work presented. It is truly a result of collaboration and passion for storytelling from prep production through post.  On behalf of the hundreds of VFX artists around the world, Ryan Coogler, and all of the cast and crew thank you.”

-- Geoffrey Baumann, Production VFX Supervisor

Wow, for myself and the ILM work to be recognized as part of this nomination is very rewarding.  These movies do not get made easily, and the hundreds of people that made up the ILM crew on Black Panther are some of the most talented and committed out there.  I'm thrilled for their hard work and dedication to get this kind of recognition, as well as Geoff and everyone on the Marvel VFX team.

-- Craig Hammock, VFX Supervisor, ILM

Warner Bros.’ The Batman

I couldn’t be happier for our global visual effects team here at ILM. Our work on The Batman occurred during a truly unprecedented time for our industry, but the team continued to rise to the challenge, again and again. I am so grateful to see our hard work recognized by our peers, and I am honored to get to represent the entire team.

-- Russell Earl, VFX Supervisor, ILM

Paramount’s Top Gun: Maverick

We are humbled by this recognition by the Academy and grateful to Joe Kosinski for guiding and inspiring us every step of the way. Our work was brought to life by incredible cinematography, superb aerial coordination and piloting, flawless editing, and an accomplished special visual effects team whose dedication brought unprecedented realism and spectacle to each aerial sequence. The opportunity to work with so many incredibly talented people has been the reward of a lifetime. We hope our efforts have inspired audiences to discover their own love for aviation, a thrill for speed, and appreciation for a great dogfight!

-- Ryan Tudhope, VFX Supervisor, Creative Director at Framestore

As with everyone involved with Top Gun: Maverick, I'm truly humbled to have been a part of this amazing project. The work enlisted the experience of a multidisciplinary team to deliver seamless FX work.  I want to thank all the teams around the world who work so incredibly hard to bring Maverick back to our theatres and into our homes. 

-- Bryan Litson, VFX Supervisor, Framestore

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