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9 Story Secures Robin Squires for DTV

Toronto-based 9 Story Ent. has acquired the rights to Joan Clark's celebrated book THE HAND OF ROBIN SQUIRES to develop and produce into a direct-to-video animated feature. 9 Story is working with children's industry veteran Peter Moss to adapt the story of a young boy's elusive quest to unravel a century's worth of secrets and ultimately find a hidden pirate treasure.

Founded in 2001, 9 Story Ent. is an award-winning animation, production and distribution company dedicated to delivering the most-loved children's properties internationally. Producers of such popular shows as PEEP AND THE BIG WIDE WORLD and SKYLAND, 9 Story has delivered over 100 half-hours of animated television content. With 70+ employees and full distribution capabilities, 9 Story is a leader in the amazing and magical world of youth entertainment. For more information, visit

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