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9 Story Announces New Episodes

9 Story Entertainment announces its slate of new episodes launching at Mipcom 2012.

Toronto, Canada -- 9 Story Entertainment announces its slate of new episodes launching at Mipcom 2012, including children’s animated, live-action and primetime animated series.

Camp Lakebottom (26x22’ or 52x11’), launching full new episodes of the animated children’s series where 12-year-old McGee ends up spending his summer at the spookiest, most awesome camp ever.

Arthur (20x22’ or 40x11’), launching a digitally enhanced 16th season of the hit children’s animated series, where everyone’s favorite 8-year-old aardvark and his gangs of pals are back for 20 new exciting episodes, now produced by 9 Story Entertainment.

Daniel Tiger’s Neighbourhood (40x22 or 80x11’) a charming animated preschool series featuring Daniel, a shy but brave 4-year-old tiger, who lives in the beloved Neighbourhood of Make Believe.

Almost Naked Animals (52x22’ or 104x11’), a joyously irreverent animated kids comedy based on the quirky designs of Noah Z. Jones (Fish Hooks), the series features an ensemble cast of underwear-clad animals who run a beachfront hotel named the Banana Cabana.

Fugget About It (26x22’), a primetime animated sitcom about Jimmy Falcone, a former New York mob boss, and his family, who must enter a witness protection program in small-town Canada.

Wild Kratts (66x22’), an animated kids adventure comedy series developed by Chris and Martin Kratt who leap into animated action as they travel to a different corner of the world and meet amazing new animals.

Making Stuff (104x5’), a live-action factual series that follows the adventure of two animated hosts, Wiz and Gears, as they show young viewers how objects they encounter every day are created.

Source: 9 Story Entertainment