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9 Story Acquires Int’l Distribution Rights to ‘Get Ace’

9 Story Enterprises acquires the international distribution rights for the new animated series Get Ace from Galaxy Pop.

9 Story Enterprises, the international distribution arm of 9 Story Entertainment, has acquired worldwide distribution rights (excluding Australia and New Zealand) to the animated comedy series Get Ace (52 x 11’).  The series is produced by Galaxy Pop and premiered recently on Network TEN's ELEVEN in Australia.

The new animated toon follows the comic misadventures of nerdy first year high schooler Ace McDougal, who is catapulted into one thrilling adventure after another when he is accidentally fitted with some super cool, ultra high-tech, experimental braces.

Ace’s braces may look like regular braces but they’re in fact the ultimate in spy technology featuring a laser beam, mega-magnet, super-sticky-slime-blaster, a tactical-escape-smokescreen and Ace’s favourite, a nauseous gas generator plus a whole lot of other awesome stuff Ace is yet to discover. About the only thing his new braces can’t do is straighten Ace’s teeth! The whole system is controlled by H.U.G.O (Holographic User Guidance Operative) a fussy, superior and totally obnoxious computer hologram that only Ace can see. Hugo is absolutely impossible but he must do Ace’s bidding and Ace can’t operate his braces without him so, like it or not - they’re a team.

Get Ace is the latest offering from creatives Gian Christian and Dina McPherson, founders of burgeoning film and television production company Galaxy Pop. The showrunning duo direct and produce the series with Dina McPherson also penning scripts.

Get Ace is a fast-paced, comedy that follows a loveable geeky hero and his quirky sidekick,” said Natalie Osborne, Managing Director, 9 Story Entertainment.  “The universal struggles that Ace faces growing up are highly relatable, and the high tech spy storylines are seriously cool and exciting. This hilarious series is a fantastic addition to our library and we are thrilled to introduce it to audiences around the world.”

Galaxy Pop, Executive Producer, Gian Christian said, "Get Ace has been a total blast to produce and we're now thrilled to be working with the fantastic team at 9 Story to introduce it to the world. We've taken classic cartoony animation and given it a fresh twist, with bumbling villains, big extreme characters and whacky storylines all mixed together with cool college band music."

Source: 9 Story Enterprises

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