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52 Projects Selected for Animation Production Days 2021

Selected films, series, and cross media projects for the upcoming May 4-7 event represent a variety of genres and animation technique ranging from adult gothic thrillers to topics focusing on diversity and sexuality; an additional eight projects were selected to participate in the APD talent program for young creatives and producers.

Animation Production Days 2021 (APD) has announced that 52 projects from 22 countries have been selected to take part in this year’s event, which takes place May 4-7. The program will be either online or hybrid with pre-planned one-on-one video meetings, giving producers a chance to introduce their projects to potential co-production and financing partners. APD is part of the Stuttgart International Festival of Animated Film (ITFS) and the FMX – Conference on Animation, Effects, Games, and Immersive Media.

The genres, styles, and topics among this year’s submissions were exceptionally varied, with projects for adult audiences ranging from gothic thrillers to cyberpunk heists, drama, and comedy. Projects for older children (9-12 years) and teenagers included topics such as diversity, sexuality, cultural background, and identity. For younger children, submissions reflected comedy and adventure.

Submissions included TV series, feature films, and cross-media projects representing a wide range of animation techniques such as: stop-motion; puppet animation; classic 2D; CGI, motion capture technology, and hybrid forms combining live-action and animation.

Eight projects have also been selected to participate in the APD talent program, which provides young producers and creatives the opportunity to discuss their ideas with experienced industry experts. The short film project Nothing We Say Can Change What We’ve Been Through by Francesca de Bassa (director) and Arantxa Martin (producer) qualified for the Talent Program in cooperation with the European Animation Sans Frontières training program.

An overview of all selected projects can be found on the APD website.

Source: Animation Production Days