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4Kids Offers Up Tokyo Mew Mew and F-Zero

4Kids Entertainment Inc. is offering two exciting new Japanese anime series to the global marketplace: TOKYO MEW MEW, a drama action series targeted to girls, and boys action/adventure series, F-ZERO.

MEW MEW (52x30) follows the adventures of five teenage girls who possess the powers of endangered animals and battle aliens who threaten mankind. These very contemporary teen girls are multi-taskers who accomplish all of this while juggling their time with homework and boys.

F-ZERO (52x30) is a high-speed, series combining cel and CGI animation. The year is 2201 and, across the universe, rabid fans flock to F-Zero tracks everywhere. The prizes are enormous and the stakes grow even higher when the outlaws compete to win. Driven by a need for speed and a thirst for victory, the Task Force, a team of high-risk racers, is determined to keep the prize money out of evil hands by defeating the menacing Black Shadow and bring peace to the entire galaxy. F-ZERO is already a popular Nintendo videogame title.

Both series will premiere on 4Kids FOX BOX in September 2004.

TOKYO MEW MEW and F-ZERO are great complementary series aiming respectively to the girls and boys demographics, said Brian Lacey, evp, International of 4Kids Ent. With so few quality series produced for girls, we believe that TOKYO MEW MEW will strike a responsive chord with girls around the world. This series combines many of the elements that appeal to girls, with the added element of heroic action that sets it apart from other girls programs.

High speed auto racing is a universally popular sport that will surely appeal to broadcasters looking to reach boys, Lacey added. F-ZERO is specifically targeted to this viewing demo with its fast paced racing theme.

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