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420TV Acquires David Silverman’s ‘Super Slackers’ Series

‘Simpsons’ director’s new series follows friends who gain superpowers from smoking marijuana.

‘The Simpsons’ director David Silverman’s new series ‘Super Slackers’ will debut in 2018 on 420TV.

BEVERLY HILLS, CA -- 420TV, the premium cannabis news, entertainment and lifestyle OTT channel set to launch in early 2018, has acquired Super Slackers, a new, first-run animated series from David Silverman, longtime director of The Simpsons.

Created for mature audiences, Super Slackers is a ridiculous comedy about a group of lazy friends unwittingly thrust into the life of superheroes.

“420TV is thrilled to be offering the latest animated comedy created by David Silverman, a wonderfully gifted animator who has a long history of producing tremendously successful shows,” said Alex Nahai, a partner in 420TV. “His new, first-run series, which will make its global premiere on 420TV, is equal parts funny, twisted and cool. Super Slackers is also a perfect complement to our lineup, as we look to create and secure cannabis-friendly content for both the converted and the curious.”

“I couldn’t imagine a more fitting home for Super Slackers than 420TV, with its appeal to a very open-minded, socially connected audience,” said Silverman.

‘Super Slackers’ follows a group of friends who gain superpowers by smoking a special strain of marijuana.

Voiced by a veritable who’s who of social influencers, whose combined following tops 35 million, Super Slackers features hip-hop artist and actor Jerry Purpdrank; video and music producer and infamous slap-cammer Max Jr.; martial artist, dancer and comedian Dan Nampaikid; professional soccer player-turned-actor, director and content creator, Jon Paul Piques; Smosh YouTube star Olivia Sui; stand-up comedian and writer Arantza Fahnbulleh; and traditional actor and comedian Mickey Gooch, who was recently featured in the hit movie How to Be Single and the indie comedies Clapper and Deported.

The animated series’ six-episode first season follows a group of friends who discover they have superpowers after their weed is switched with a new strain being used in a government experiment. When a Professor Xavier-type shows up to train them, they have no interest in saving the world. They agree to move into a rent-free government compound, but all they want to do is watch TV and play video games. The professor is convinced he can turn them into the heroes that the world needs -- but can he do it before their infectious laziness spreads to the rest of the agents? 

Directed by Mike Blum, who also serves as executive producer, Super Slackers was created by supervising director David Silverman (The Simpsons), written by Joelle Sellner (Sonic Boom), and animated by Pipsqueak Films (Samurai! Daycare, Fifi: Cat Therapist). Alongside Blum and Pipsqueak Films, executive producers are Mickey Gooch (Skit Bags Entertainment), Warren Zide (American Pie), digital entertainment manager and attorney Ash Venkatram, and entrepreneur Ranajit Chaudhury. Usman Shaikh is co-executive producer. The series was introduced to 420TV by talent manager Leanne Perice.

Super Slackers is expected to make its worldwide debut on 420TV in Q1 2018. 

Source: 420TV

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