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3dfx Interactive Merges With GigaPixel

3dfx Interactive Inc. announced the completion of its merger with GigaPixel Corporation. Subsequently, George T. Haber, a founder of GigaPixel, and Andrei M. Manoliu, a member of the GigaPixel board of directors, will join the 3dfx board. "The merger marks an important step in enhancing the 3dfx technology leadership and expanding our business for the future," said Alex Leupp, president and CEO of 3dfx. "We believe we have acquired not only a breakthrough 3D technology and core expertise, but also a proven design team which will lead to the success of the combined companies." GigaPixel Corporation designed and developed advanced 3D graphics technology to enable video devices to display images with a realistic 3D appearance. 3dfx Interactive is a leader in graphics accelerator chips, boards and software.

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