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3D Training Institute to Host Live Recruiting Webinar with MPC

3D Training Institute live webinar featuring MPC global recruiter Christina Zervos and MPC animator Julien Deragon held on Wednesday, April 29 will focus on how to start a career in 3D animation.

New York, NY -- 3D Training Institute has announced a training webinar featuring MPC (Moving Picture Company) and recruiter Christina Zervos, who will describe what MPC evaluates when hiring 3D professionals. Zervos will also review the demo reel of MPC animator Julien Deragon.

MPC has been a global leader in visual effects for over 25 years, and is world-renowned in the film, advertising, and entertainment industries. Some of their most famous projects include Godzilla, Harry Potter, X-Men, Life of Pi, Maleficent, and Guardians of the Galaxy. Some of their famous ad campaigns include Samsung, Coca Cola, Sony, Three Mobile, and Channel 4. They also worked on eight films that aired during Super Bowl 2015.

This webinar is for anyone, ranging from beginners who are interested in exploring a career in movies and visual effects to professionals who would like to get an insider’s perspective on the recruiting process of large animation studios.

The live webinar will be held on Wednesday, April 29, at 11am PST/2pm EST. Participants will have the opportunity to compete for free training, and selected participants will get a chance to have their reel reviewed by MPC.

Zervos will also discuss MPC's Academy. The Academy is for qualified candidates looking for their first position in VFX. Webinar attendees will compete to have their reel reviewed for possible acceptance to the Academy. Academy graduates are considered for MPC positions.

“At MPC, we are dedicated to helping the next generation of VFX artists break into the industry,” Zervos noted. “It’s great to have the opportunity to share the inside track on getting your first position by participating in this webinar with the 3D Training Institute.”

Autodesk, one of the webinar sponsors, is currently providing a three-year software license of all Autodesk software to students, and 3D Training Institute is supporting this initiative by providing a complimentary training starter pack to help beginners take the first step towards learning 3D.

“Over the past 20 years, all winners of the Academy Award for Best Visual Effects in Film have used Autodesk solutions, and now students can access these same professional 3D design tools for free,” said Ron Richard from Autodesk Education. “We’re doing this because Autodesk is committed to grooming a career-ready workforce and equipping the next generation of talent with the tools and learning resources to unleash their creativity.”

“We are extremely pleased to offer this webinar, featuring an outstanding VFX leader, MPC, and to be able to give students access to information, people, and opportunities that are almost impossible to obtain,” said 3DTi director Ben Katt. “This is a webinar that can turn dreams into reality. All the ingredients are here to help launch a highly successful and rewarding career in VFX.”

Source: 3D Training Institute

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