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3D House Wimze Studios Opens in New Jersey

Award-winning animator Cleber Redondo has launched Wimze Studios, a full-service animation house specializing in 3D character animation for the TV programming, home video, commercial, Web and game markets. Redondo will head the new turnkey flagship studio in Fairview, New Jersey, which has brought together a highly qualified team of animators able to take an animation project from concept through completion.

Wimze is in production on the pilot for the studios first project, THE FIRECRACKERS. This 26-episode animated childrens series showcases the studios new style in a culturally diverse storyline geared to the 8-13 audience. Also in production is a second Wimze property, DINOMITES, about a cartoon-style family of dinosaurs and targets a preschool audience.

Wimzes mission is to raise the bar for television and direct-to-video animation, says Redondo, as well as to offer top-caliber services to outside projects. Weve brought together the best talent and technology the industry has to offer, and our commitment to R&D allows us to further increase our capabilities with proprietary software. All of these resources combine to create a fresh style of animation and a new look that people havent seen before.

The studio features numerous Maya seats running on SGI and BOXX Technologies workstations, as well as an extensive PC-based render farm running Maya and mental ray, maintained by chief engineer Marc Glenn. The studio also has proprietary animation and rendering software, developed by an in-house team of technical directors, to solve the next level of creative challenges with innovative solutions that go well beyond conventional out-of-the-box tools. When needed, Wimze calls upon its network of affiliated global resources to expedite efficient, high-volume animation production.

A native of Sao Paulo with a degree in Fine Arts, Wimzes president/animation director, Redondo, immersed himself in cel animation working on spots for Brazils and Latin Americas leading advertising agencies. He immigrated to the U.S. in 1988 and quickly found work as an animator for several production houses and television networks. Redondo mastered the latest in 3D technology and went on to teach Maya at New York University. Redondo landed a position as an animation director at 20th Century Fox Television in New York City where he remained for the next four years.

He struck out on his own in 1996 and launched Clever Image, which attracted a steady stream of high end projects such as Walt Disney Interactive games; effects and 3D animation for THE CAT IN THE HAT: THE RIDE in the Seuss Landing attraction at Universal Studios Orlando; and five 30-minute English and Portuguese-language episodes of MONICAS GANG for Brazils Mauricio de Sousa Produções, for the home video market.

Redondo produced four 30-minute episodes of THE STORY TELLER CAFE for CBN under the Clever Images banner. The series, which features tales about Biblical heroes, such as Jonah and David, earned 2000, 2001 and 2003 Telly Awards for Best Childrens TV Program, the 2000 Axiem Award for Best Childrens Animation, and the 2000 Omni Intermedia Award for Best Animation. The programs have gone on to become best sellers in the home video market.

Redondo also created the character animation performed inside the Gameboy Advanced game, ATLANTIS: THE LOST EMPIRE from 3D6 Games, and developed a 3D pilot and promos for a German kids TV show, TIMBER TEE WORLD, an innovative project designed to build childrens interest in golf.

Redondo has been attracting talent to his new studio with the latest cutting-edge tools available and an optimal creative, working environment. On board is senior animator/technical director James Gu, winner of the Rhodes Family Award for Outstanding Achievement in Computer Art at New York Citys School of Visual Arts (SVA) computer arts program. He was a 3D animator at Oven Digital and Gallium Digital before joining Redondo at Clever Image. His credits include THE STORY TELLER CAFE and ATLANTIS. Gu has also worked for Jaleco Entertainment as a technical artist on GOBLIN COMMANDER: UNLEASH THE HORDE for PS2, Xbox and GameCube as well as for ReelFX Creative Studios as a character and effects technical director for various projects.

Shading and lighting supervisor Tacken Chae has extensive experience in digital design and animation. While his focus is lighting, shading and compositing, he has a commanding knowledge of 3D modeling and dynamics related to digital special effects and will play a key role in ensuring that the best-possible rendered images emerge from the production pipeline. Chae has worked on numerous architectural illustration, computer game and Web content projects.

As a 3D character animator, Ken Lee combines a firm foundation in computer hardware and software with exceptional animation skills. Lee has worked as a graphic director and freelance 3D animator prior to joining Wimze.

Senior animator/technical director Inpyo Hong was working as a circuit designer and microprocessor engineer in South Korea when he decided that 3D animation would enable him to fully utilize his artistic talents and technical background in science and computers. He moved to the U.S. and received his masters degree in Computer Arts at SVA. Equally skilled in all aspects of 3D animation from modeling to rendering, Hong balances his work at Wimze with his role as an instructor and thesis advisor in the MFA department at SVA, where he teaches a Production Issues class.

Character animator Joao G. N. Amorim, who previously teamed with Redondo on THE STORY TELLER CAFE series, has been a 3D animator at a number of leading animation houses around the world including Liquid TV in London, Curious Pictures in New York and Tibet Filme/Estudios Mega in Rio de Janeiro. At Du Art/New Deal Pictures in New York he served as senior 3D artist on the feature, BELOW THE BELT, which was a Sundance 2004 selection. He also developed animated sequences for the Brazilian feature film, ORPHEUS NEGRO.

Wimze Studios has a clear and simple vision: to redefine the look of 3D animation in a turnkey environment that can take a project from concept through completion, Redondo concluded. We want to be considered an international resource for clients while continuing to develop original and innovative programming of our own.

For additional information about Wimze Studios go to or call Cleber Redondo at (210) 941-9652.