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3D Ent. Acquires Air Racers 3D

3D Entertainment has acquired the distribution rights for AIR RACERS 3D: Forces of Flight, produced by Pretend Entertainment and Stereoscope.

Press Release by 3D Entertainment:

 Los Angeles, CA. (Sept. 14, 2009) -- 3D Entertainment is pleased to announce today that it has acquired the distribution rights for AIR RACERS 3D: Forces of Flight, produced by Los Angeles-based Pretend Entertainment and Stereoscope. Through the eyes of first-time competitor and rookie pilot Steve Hinton Jr., son of champion air racer and acrobatic pilot Steve Hinton, the film will chronicle the preparation for and competition in the world's fastest motor sport: the legendary Reno National Championship Air Races. The film will fly into IMAX 3D and 2D Theatres in the US beginning in Fall 2010.

 "Just eight days after announcing our first acquisition for IMAX  3D Theatres, SEA REX 3D, we are extremely pleased to add this exciting new film, which will be the first non-aquatic title in our film catalogue, to our 2010 lineup," said Francois Mantello, Chairman and CEO of 3D Entertainment Distribution. "Projected on the world's largest screens, AIR RACER 3D's unique giant screen filmmaking style will put every moviegoer and motorsports fan in the middle of the highly competitive action, and at more than twice the speed of a NASCAR race."

 "We are thrilled to have reached a distribution agreement with the passionate team at 3D Entertainment," said Christian Fry, co-owner of Pretend Entertainment and the film's producer. "With AIR RACERS 3D audiences worldwide will explore what are unquestionably the fastest-moving machines in motorsports and experience what it feels like to race at 500 mph a mere 50 feet off the ground. Pilots fight for position, running a tight 8-mile course marked off by ten giant pylons where flying a perfect line is critical for victory. Under these extreme conditions, it takes only a single miscalculation or mechanical failure to impact the entire field of planes with potentially catastrophic results."

 Principal photography on AIR RACERS 3D: Forces of Flight begins this week during the 46th annual National Championship Air Races, which will take place at the Reno Stead Airfield from September 16-20.  Ultra high definition 3D cameras will be used for the very first time to capture the drama, sound, emotion, thrills and excitement of the race.

 AIR RACERS: Forces of Flight will follow 22-year-old Steve Hinton in his attempt to become the youngest air race pilot ever to compete in the 'Unlimited Class', the most anticipated event, which has always been dominated by pilots with decades more experience. The film will also focus on the science of today's air racing technology, human physiology, neurology and the underlying physics that pilots depend on to take turns at the highest speeds while skillfully maneuvering within inches of their flying competitors.

 Air racing is a tradition that started nearly 100 years ago with World War I-era barnstormers that eventually evolved into the grand racing events organized to celebrate the aviation heroics of World War II. The last of their kind, the Reno Air Races began in 1964 as a revival of these high-speed competitions celebrating horsepower, ingenuity and piloting skills of the men who operated these planes under much more dangerous and dire circumstances. For one week every September, the high desert north of Reno becomes home to hundreds of aircraft, their pilots, and crews. "Fly low, go fast and turn left" is their motto.

 AIR RACERS: Forces of Flight is produced by Pretend Entertainment and Stereoscope in association with the Reno Air Racing Association. Roger Tonry, known for his extensive experience in aerial and aviation photography, will direct. Christian Fry and Bernie Laramie will serve as producers with John Constantine, Raul Leckie and Jeffery Pierce as executive producers. Get more info at

About 3D Entertainment:

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