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$3.99 Will Buy You Paper Clips

Creative Forces, an Internet-based motion picture production company, has just released PAPER CLIPS, its first computer-animated short. The film profiles the adventures of a brave little paper clip that soon discovers the importance of teamwork and sticking together in the real world. PAPER CLIPS is now available to download for $3.99 from The price includes 24 hours of access for repeated viewings. A 3-minute trailer of the making of the film is available on the site for free. QuickTime 5.0.2 software is required and a high-speed Internet connection is strongly recommended. The film takes advantage of the all-new Sorenson 3 codec, which significantly lowers movie file size yet preserves the fidelity of the original image. Creative Forces has also partnered with high-speed Internet provider Akamai Technologies, to deliver optimal results for viewers around the globe. Asking viewers to pay for a short when online films are readily available for free downloads may seem surprising, but Lee McCaulla, company founder and the films director, thinks otherwise. Until now, the online film industry has essentially been driven by advertising, explained McCaulla. "But our goal was to create something of extraordinary quality that people would enjoy paying for. That's what really sets us apart, I think." Several new properties are currently in development at the company.