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310 Studios & Hacienda Post Tackle Bionicle Post

310 Studios and Hacienda Post have recently wrapped all post production work on the upcoming direct-to-video 3D feature, BIONICLE: MASK OF LIGHT, produced by the LEGO Company, Create TV and Film, and Creative Capers Entertainment. Debuting on DVD and home video September 16, 2003, the feature film is based on the successful BIONICLE brand and will be distributed under the Miramax Home Entertainment label via Buena Vista Home Entertainment. The movie follows a reluctant hero and his teammates as they use the mysterious Mask of Light to overcome evil forces in their quest to save the world.

Once Creative Capers was finished with the animation it was 310 Studios' job to cut the 77 minutes of raw footage down into a 70 minute film. Billy Jones, president of 310 Studios, said, "The biggest challenge we've had is deciding what to cut. The BIONICLE world they've created is so rich and vivid, it's hard to delete even just one frame of it!"

Tim Borquez, president of Hacienda Post, served as sound supervisor and said, "From the actors who bring voice to the characters for the first time to composer Nathan Furst's dramatic and original score to some very distinct special effects for some very creepy creatures called the Rahkshi, this project has it all. It's a dream come true for any sound designer working today."

"Combined, their editing, color correction and sound mixing skills will help us complete our own exciting 12-month journey in the making of this movie and finally bring BIONICLE to life in the first full-length, CGI animated film," said Terry Shakespeare, MASK OF LIGHT director.

Formed in 2001 and based in Burbank, California, 310 Studios is a post-production, multi-media company. Its services include editing, compositing, production supervision, technical consultation, web design, graphic design and CD enhancements. For more information go to Founded in 1999, Hacienda Post is a post-production service company, providing services in three main areas: live-action, animation and multi-media. To find out more visit