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3-D Super Bowl Glasses a Touchdown for American Paper Optics

American Paper Optics has scored a touchdown as the official manufacturer of 125 million sets of exclusive 3-D glasses created for a "monstrous' nationwide 3-D event to be aired during Super Bowl XLIII. These 3-D glasses are being distributed to the public in what is being called one of the biggest media-advertising events in history.

The job involved 30 truckloads of 3D glasses that, if stacked end to end, would stretch around the world one and a half times. This first-ever 3-D commercial event will mark the debut of DreamWorks Animation's movie trailer for its upcoming 3-D feature, MONSTERS VS. ALIENS.

Manufactured exclusively by American Paper Optics, the specialized ColorCode 3-D glasses will be used to watch a 90 second 3-D preview of the animated feature as well as a 60 second 3-D commercial for SoBe Lifewater.

American Paper Optics, who was also the optical manpower behind such 3-D DVDs as the HANNAH MONTANA concert DVD and the recent release JOURNEY TO THE CENTER OF THE EARTH, reached an epic milestone with their Super Bowl job as it pushed them past the "one billion 3-D glasses distributed" mark. These billion glasses have been distributed worldwide for multi-media promotions and events involving movies, magazines, television, web sites, video games, and much more.