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The 21st Edition of Animafest Cyprus Reveals Official Selections

41 films from 21 countries will participate in this year’s international competition, with 19 professional and student films participating in the national competition; the festival and festivities return to the village of Salamiou August 10-13.

The 21st edition of Animafest Cyprus has announced its official selections for the upcoming festival running August 10-13.

Artistic director Yiorgos Tsangaris and the event’s curator of animation and contemporary art, Gerben Schermer (NL), were tasked with narrowing the submissions down to the final 41 films to participate in the International Competition.

According to festival statements, its goal is to include works by promising newcomers and acclaimed masters “to expand our perception of animation by showcasing the work of authors that dare to surprise us, whether through their form or story-telling or content.”

Further, the festival strives to give a platform to some of the most cutting-edge voices of the contemporary animation scene while always reaching out to the audience, “which is our target and our focus.”

This year’s National Competition Program will include 19 professional and student films. The Children’s Competition features 11 entries selected by the event’s younger programmers, Akos Zeleni (Hungary), Eleni Chandriotou (Cyprus), and George Tsangaris (Cyprus).

The International Jury is responsible for deciding The Grand Prix Dimitris Eipides for narrative and non-narrative shorts in the International Competition, the First Prize in the National Competition, and all the special mentions.

Jury Members include:

  • Clémence Bragard (France), independent programmer and curator (specialized in animation)
  • Lucija Mrzljak (Croatia), award-winning animation filmmaker and illustrator
  • Lizzy Hobbs (UK), award-winning experimental animation filmmaker

International Competition 2022 Selections:

  • 1MTH/MIN by Ethann Néon, (Belgium 2021)
  • The 2 Shoes by Paul Driessen (France, Netherlands 2021)
  • Alice in Arizona by Stuart Pound (UK 2022)
  • Anxious Body by Yoriko MizushiriI (France, Japan 2021)
  • Bestia by Hugo Covarrubias (Chile 2021)
  • Beware of Trains by Emma Calder (UK 2022)
  • Bird in the Peninsula by Atsushi Wada (France, Japan 2022)
  • A Bite of Bone by Honami Yano (Japan 2021)
  • A Body by Milena Tipaldo (Italy 2021)
  • The Bones by Cristóbal León (Chile 2021)
  • Buried in Europe by Hardi Volmer (Estonia 2022)
  • DAMN IT! By Elena Walf (Germany, 2021)
  • A Dog under Bridge by Rehoo Tang (China 2022)
  • Flying Sailor by Wendy Tilby, Amanda Forbis (Canada 2022)
  • Forgotten by Mawrgan Shaw (Canada, Australia 2021)
  • The Garbage Man by Laura Gonçalves (Portugal, France 2022)
  • Hello Darkness My Good Friend by Melanie Jilg (Germany 2022)
  • Hippocampus by Zehao Li (China 2020)
  • Holes by Birgitta Hosea (UK 2021)
  • The Hour Coat by Amy Kravitz (USA 2022)
  • The House of Loss by Jeon Jinkyu (South Korea 2022)
  • Impossible Figures and Other Stories I by Marta Pajek (Poland Canada 2021)
  • In his Mercy by Christoph Büttner (Germany 2022)
  • Koerkorter by Priit Tender (Estonia 2022)
  • Letter to a Pig by Tal Kantor (France, Israel 2022)
  • Life’s a Bitch by Varya Yakovleva (Russia 2021)
  • The Loach by Xi Chen (China 2022)
  • Noir-Soleil by Marie Larrivé (France 2021)
  • One Night Somewhere by Genadzi Buto (Belarus 2021)
  • Patient's Mind by Zhiheng Wang (China 2021)
  • Persona by Sujin Moon (South Korea 2022)
  • The Sausage Run by Thomas Stellmach (Germany, Belgium, 2021)
  • Sierra by Sander Joon (Latvia 2022)
  • Steakhouse by Špela Čadez (Slovenia, Germany, France, 2021)
  • Tender Parts by Steven Subotnick (USA, 2021)
  • Til We Meet Again by Ülo Pikkov (Estonia 2022)
  • The Train Driver by Christian Wittmoser (Germany, 2021)
  • Tunable Mimoid by Vladimir Todorovic (Australia 2021)
  • Vadim on a Walk by Sasha Svirsky (Russia 2021)
  • White Sateen by Shiva Sadegh Asadi (Iran 2022)
  • Winter Wind by Jeremy Andriambolisoa (France 2021)

National (Cyprus) Competition 2022

Professional Films National Competition

  • A Culture of Abandonment by Haris Pellapaissiotis (Cyprus 2021)
  • Crocodrilo-Ta oneira tou tempeli drakou by Michalis Papanicolaou (Cyprus 2021)
  • Golden by Antoni Petrou (Cyprus 2022)
  • Thin Air by Despo Potamou (Cyprus 2022)

Student Films National Competition

  • Arbitrary Laws by Polymnia Tsinti, Cyprus 2022
  • Cook B/D Roll by Anastasia Mikhailova & Yulia Voronova (Cyprus 2022)
  • Cycle by Christina Sachpazidou (Cyprus 2022)
  • ERMA by Angelos Charalambous (Cyprus 2021)
  • Fleeting Moments by Alexandros Delobel (Cyprus 2021)
  • From Doubters to Believers by Marios Andreou (Cyprus 2021)
  • Lost in the Woods by Alexandra Cleanthous (Cyprus 2022)
  • Perfect Circle by Maria Tomazou (UK, Cyprus 2021)
  • Sign Your X On the Line by Alexandra Charalambous (Cyprus 2021)
  • Suicidal Thoughts 3 by Georgiana Chiripucci (Cyprus 2021)
  • The Apostolic Olive Trees Salamiou by Giorgos Papageorgiou (Cyprus 2022)
  • Tis Time by Kalia Foinikaridou (Cyprus 2021)
  • Trail by Martha Constantinou (Cyprus 2021)
  • Water Film by Maria Katerina Ieridou (Cyprus 2022)
  • Where? by Natali Touloupou (Cyprus 2021)

Children Films in Competition 2022

  • Elevator Alone by Anastasia Papadopoulou (Greece 2021)
  • Hello Stranger by Julia Ocker, (Germany 2021)
  • Hush Hush Little Bear by Māra Liniņa (Latvia 2021)
  • Mom's Button by Anna Kritskaya (Russia 2021)
  • Moshi Moshi by Jen Berger (Belgium 2021)
  • The Fox, the Turtle, the Spider and the Cake directed by 10 children (Belgium 2021)
  • The Goat by Alexandra Ouchev (Canada 2021)
  • The Night by Daria Burkut (Russia/Cyprus 2021)
  • The Witch & the Baby by Evgenia Golubeva (Russia 2021)
  • The World is Wonderful by Ekaterina Kireeva (Russia 2021)
  • Yallah! by Nayla Nassar (France 2021)

Award-winning animation filmmaker and illustrator Sarina Nihei (Japan) designed the poster for the 21st edition of Countryside Animafest Cyprus.

Source: Animafest Cyprus

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