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2022 Animation Guild Officers and Executive Board Announced

Of the Animation Guild IATSE Local 839’s new set of officers, 3 out of 5 re-elected, with an additional 11 members chosen to serve on the executive board; electees will be sworn into office in December when their 3-year terms begins.

The Animation Guild (TAG) IATSE Local 839 has announced results of the 2022 Animation Guild Officers and Executive Board election - three of five Animation Guild Officers won re-election, including Business Representative Steve Kaplan, President Jeanette Moreno King, and Recording Secretary Paula Spence.

"It is an incredible honor to be reelected as TAG's Business Representative,” shared Kaplan. “The election results show the membership stands behind the work that we have put into growing the footprint, and therefore the strength, of the Local. I welcome the new Executive Board members in their leadership positions, and I look forward to working with them towards continuing the work of organizing the animation industry."

“We accomplished much during the last three years—organizing production staff, expanding to a national union, big gains in our last contract negotiations, and all during a pandemic and social and political unrest,” noted King. “The fact that I get to keep representing this amazing community for another three-year term with an Executive Board that is 75% women is a career high. I am looking forward to continuing the fight for respect for all animation workers.”

Elected Guild officers (all ran unopposed) are:

  • President Jeanette Moreno King
  • Vice President Teri Hendrich Cusumano
  • Business Representative Steve Kaplan
  • Recording Secretary Paula Spence
  • Sergeant-at-Arms Danny Ducker

The 11 Guild members elected to the Executive Board, in order of vote count:

  • Carrie Liao, Story Artist at Walt Disney Animation Studios
  • Ashley Long, Supervising Director
  • Roger Oda, Visual Development Artist at DreamWorks Television
  • Mairghread Scott, Animation Writer/Executive Producer
  • Candice Stephenson, Lead Look Development Artist at Nickelodeon
  • Alex Quintas, Storyboard Artist at Titmouse
  • Madison Bateman, Co-Producer/Head Writer at Disney Television
  • Brandon Jarratt, General Technical Director at Walt Disney Animation Studios
  • Justin Weber, Animator at Walt Disney Animation Studios
  • Erica Smith, Background Painter at Disney Television
  • Marissa Bernstel, Storyboard Artist at Bento Box Animation

The following three candidates were appointed as Trustees, having received the most votes:

  • Carrie Liao
  • Ashley Long
  • Roger Oda

On December 6, 2022, the Officers and Executive Board members will be sworn into office, marking the beginning of their three-year term.

The AAA oversaw the ballot count on November 12, 2022, and the results were certified on November 12, 2022.

Source: The Animation Guild

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