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The 2019 Anima Mundi Festival Needs Our Support!

Recent instability in Brazil has threatened the festival’s very existence; pledge your support now to ensure they can open their doors to animation fans this coming July 17.

AWN just received this letter from our dear friend, Anima Mundi festival director Leah Zagury, sharing information on the recent and unexpected cultural upheaval in Brazil, asking for the animation community’s support to help keep the festival running. Now in its 27th year, Anima Mundi has always embraced and celebrated the passion and artistic energy of the animation world. Please share Leah’s letter, republished below, to see how you can help the festival continue its mission of making sure Brazil stays animated!


I animate!

Together, we make ANIMA MUNDI happen!

Dear friends, please allow us to address you in this difficult moment of unexpected transformations in the Brazilian cultural life. For the first time, we are reaching out to all of our friends, partners and everyone who loves animation to help us ensure the continuation of the largest and oldest International Animation Festival in Brazil, ANIMA MUNDI.

We created the event in 1993, an equally difficult year for the culture in our country. But throughout its history, the Festival has permanently succeeded in its goal of promoting and spreading the language of animation in Brazil.

The Festival completes 27 years of history and along these years, the festival has been recognized as an example of a consistent cultural initiative, due to the personal dedication of its four directors/founders and the massive support received from cultural professionals, investors, partners, collaborators from the public and private spheres, and especially of its audience that has been faithful and participant in all the activities promoted by the event.

Throughout these years, ANIMA MUNDI was responsible for presenting and disseminating the language of animation in Brazil, fostering the production of national and international animation, stimulating and discovering new talents, creating marketing opportunities inside and outside our country.

Recognized as an important event of its kind in the world, it has exhibited in its latest editions more than 11 thousand films from 76 countries to more than 2 million spectators. For this year, we have received more than 1800 spontaneous entries, from the most outstanding studios, schools and animation artists from all over the world, to be selected for our competitive and informative sessions.

Nowadays, the Brazilian animation is going through a remarkable moment and of great expansion. Unfortunately, due to changes in the political / economic scenario in Brazil, the ANIMA MUNDI Festival, as well as other arts and cultural events in the country, stopped receiving funding from its major sponsors, putting at risk its 27th edition, with is planned to start on 17 July 2019.

Due to this situation, we are seeking the support of our network of partners from the international community of animators, the animation industry and friends to help us continue this work. We have a commitment to the animators, our audiences, to the worldwide animation. We cannot let these voices and talents lose our stage.

We have started an ANIMA MUNDI campaign through BENFEITORIA – the collective funding platform that aims to raise funds for the Festival.

Please, check the link of our campaign:

The campaign is ALL or NOTHING! We have 45 days to reach the main goal that is R$800.000,00, (approximately USD 200,00.00) to make the festival and some of its various activities (Animated Chats, Anima Forum, Special Screenings, etc).

If we cannot get R$400.000,00 (approximately USD 100,00.00), which is the necessary part to make only the screenings, all the money will be returned in full to the supporters and the Festival will not be held.

The possibilities of support are:

Financial Contribution (;

Partnership in the dissemination of our campaign in national and international networks - #EuAnimo;

Contribution of original, signed arts or illustrations prints from artists and animators to be used as rewards for contributors. Please contact us at:

Record a brief video supporting Anima Mundi that will be publicized on our social networks. Please contact us for guidelines at:

Become an Anima Mundi Ambassador and help us keep the Festival alive!

Any and all contributions will be welcome and necessary, so that we can hold the 27th edition of the ANIMA MUNDI Festival, without breaking its continuity.

We are convinced that, with the enthusiastic action of our partners and our audience, we will overcome these temporary difficulties and we will all be rewarded with the continued growth of Animation and Culture in general in our country.

We thank you heartily for your support! Animated Hugs,




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Dan Sarto is Publisher and Editor-in-Chief of Animation World Network.