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2005-2006 Primetime Emmy Award Nominations

Nominations for the 58th Annual Primetime Emmy Awards were announced on July 6, 2005 and FOX and Cartoon Network won the most primetime Emmy nominations for animated shows with two each, FAMILY GUY is in the primetime Emmy race again with SOUTH PARK and THE SIMPSONS, with new nominees FOSTERS HOME FOR IMAGINARY FRIENDS and CAMP LAZLO, which are nominated for Outstanding Animated Program (For Programming Less Than One Hour).

Animated Programs, one hour or more, nominees are BEFORE THE DINOSAURS and ESCAPE FROM CLUSTER PRIME.

Competing for Outstanding Special Visual Effects For A Series category are BATTLESTAR GALACTICA, LOST, SURFACE, ROME STOLEN EAGLE and PERFEDCT DISASTER - SUPER TORNADO

Competing for Outstanding Special Visual Effects For A Miniseries, Movie or a Special are BEFORE THE DINOSAURS, INTO THE WEST - HELL ON WHEELS, MAMMOTH, THE NIGHTINGALE (GREAT PERFORMANCES) and THE TRIANGLE - PART 1.

CLASSICAL BABY 2 also obtained a birth as the only animated show nominated for Outstanding Children's Program, competing against HIGH SCHOOL MUSICAL, I HAVE TOURETTES BUT TOURETTES DOESNT HAVE ME and NICK NEWS WITH LINDA ELLERBEE.

Awards for the majority of animation and visual effects categories will be presented on Aug. 19 at the Shrine Auditorium in Los Angeles, in a non-televised ceremony. The main program categories and honors for acting and writing will be handed out during the telecast at the Shrine Aug. 27 on NBC.

Additional awards may also be given for the "juried areas" (nominations) of Voice Over Performance and Individual Achievement in Animation, which will be released in August. Additional awards may also be given for Engineering Development, Interactive Television Programming and the Governors Award.

A list of animation, commercial and visual effects related nominees follow:

OUTSTANDING ANIMATED PROGRAM (For Programming Less Than One Hour)

CAMP LAZLO * Hello Dolly / Over Cooked Beans * Cartoon Network * Cartoon Network StudiosJoe Murray, Executive ProducerBrian Miller, Executive ProducerMark OHare, Supervising ProducerJennifer Pelphrey, Supervising ProducerShareena Carlson, ProducerMerriweather Williams, Story bySteve Little, Story byKaz Prapuolenis, Story byMike Roth, Written by/DirectorKent Osborne, Written byClayton McKenzie Morrow, Written byCosmo Segurson, Written byBrian Sheesley, Animation Director/Supervising DirectorLindsey Pollard, Animation DirectorPhil Cummings, Sheet TimerMaureen Mlynarczyk, Sheet Timer

FAMILY GUY * PTV * FOX * Fuzzy Door Productions in association with Fox TV Animation StudiosSeth MacFarlane, Executive ProducerDavid A. Goodman, Executive ProducerChris Sheridan, Executive ProducerDanny Smith, Co-Executive ProducerMichael Rowe, Supervising ProducerKara Vallow, ProducerShannon Smith, Animation ProducerAlec Sulkin, Written byWellesley Wild, Written byPeter Shin, Supervising DirectorDan Povenmire, DirectorChris Robertson, Assistant DirectorAndi Klein, Timing Supervisor

FOSTERS HOME FOR IMAGINARY FRIENDS * Go Goo Go * Cartoon Network * Cartoon Network StudiosCraig McCracken, Executive Producer/DirectorBrian Miller, Executive ProducerLauren Faust, Supervising Producer/AnimationDirector/Written byJennifer Pelphrey, Supervising ProducerVincent Aniceto, ProducerRobert Alvarez, Animation DirectorEric Pringle, Animation Director

THE SIMPSONS * The Seemingly Neverending Story * FOX * Gracie Films in association with 20th Century Fox TelevisionJames L. Brooks, Executive ProducerMatt Groening, Executive ProducerAl Jean, Executive ProducerMatt Selman, Executive ProducerCarolyn Omine, Executive ProducerTim Long, Executive ProducerJohn Frink, Co-Executive ProducerDon Payne, Co-Executive ProducerDana Gould, Co-Executive ProducerKevin Curran, Co-Executive ProducerJ. Stewart Burns, Co-Executive ProducerMichael Price, Co-Executive ProducerBill Odenkirk, Co-Executive Producer/WriterJoel H. Cohen, Co-Executive Producer/WriterLaurie Biernacki, Animation ProducerRick Polizzi, Animation ProducerIan Maxtone-Graham, Written byDavid Silverman, Supervising DirectorRaymond Persi, DirectorShannon OConnor, Assistant DirectorRichard Gasparian, Animation Timer

SOUTH PARK * Trapped in the Closet * Comedy Central * Central ProductionsTrey Parker, Executive Producer/Director/Written byMatt Stone, Executive ProducerAnne Garefino, Executive ProducerFrank C. Agnone II, ProducerEric Stough, Director of Animation


BEFORE THE DINOSAURS * Discovery Channel * AnImpossible Pictures production in association withDiscovery ChannelAdam Kemp, Executive ProducerTim Haines, Executive ProducerGaynelle Evans, Executive ProducerFiona Walkinshaw, Executive Producer of ComputerAnimationWilliam Sargent, Executive Producer of Computer AnimationChloe Leland, Producer/DirectorGreg Smith, ProducerMichael Olmert, WriterMike Milne, Director of Computer Animation

ESCAPE FROM CLUSTER PRIME * Nickelodeon * Nickelodeon Studios with Frederator Inc.Rob Renzetti, Executive Producer/Director/OriginalStory/Written byFred Seibert, Executive ProducerScott Peterson, Original Story/Written byAlex Kirwan, Original StoryBrandon Kruse, Written byHeather Martinez, Written byChris Reccardi, Written byBryan Andrews, Written byChris Savino, DirectorRobert Alvarez, Sheet Timer


BATTLESTAR GALACTICA * Resurrection Ship (Part 2) * Sci FiChannel * R&D Television in association with NBCUniversal Television StudiosGary Hutzel, Visual Effects SupervisorMichael Gibson, Senior Visual Effects CoordinatorDoug Drexler, Digital SupervisorSteve Kullback, Visual Effects CoordinatorMark Shimer, Lead Visual Effects AnimatorChris Zapara, CGI SupervisorLane Jolly, Lead Visual Effects CompositorKyle Toucher, Visual Effects AnimatorDaniel Osaki, Lead CGI Model Maker

LOST * Live Together, Die Alone (Part 1 & 2) * ABC *Grass Skirt Productions, LLC in association withTouchstone TelevisionKevin Blank, Visual Effects SupervisorMitch Suskin, Visual Effects SupervisorJay Worth, Visual Effects CoordinatorScott Dewis, 3D AnimatorSteve Fong, CompositorSpencer Levy, 3D SupervisorEric Chauvin, Matte PainterArchie Ahuna, Special Effects CoordinatorBob Lloyd, Compositor

PERFECT DISASTER * Super Tornado * Discovery Channel *Impossible Pictures in association with DiscoveryChannelGareth Edwards, VisualEffectsSupervisor/Producer/Compositor/Animator/MatteArtistBob Trevino, Special Effects Supervisor

ROME * The Stolen Eagle * HBO * HBO Entertainment inassociation with the BBCBarrie Hemsley, Visual Effects ProducerJames Madigan, Visual Effects SupervisorJoe Pavlo, Visual Effects SupervisorDuncan Kinnaird, Lead Visual Effects CompositorDan Pettipher, CGI SupervisorMichele Sciolette, CGI SupervisorCharles Darby, Lead Matte ArtistClare Herbert, Visual Effects CoordinatorAnna Panton, Visual Effects Coordinator

Surface * Episode #101 * ABC * Pates in association withNBC Universal Television StudioMitch Suskin, Visual Effects SupervisorDave Morton, Digital Animation SupervisorEric Hance, Digital ArtistJohn Teska, Lead Character ArtistPierre Drolet, Lead ModelerEric Chauvin, Matte ArtistSteve Fong, Digital CompositorNeil Sopata, Digital Artist


BEFORE THE DINOSAURS * Discovery Channel * AnImpossible Pictures production in association withDiscovery ChannelTim Greenwood, Visual Effects SupervisorNeil Glasbey, Lead Visual Effects AnimatorChloe Leland, Visual Effects ProducerNigel Booth, Lead Model MakerJeremy Hunt, Lead Model MakerDarren Horley, Lead Matte ArtistPeter Thorn, Visual Effects CameramanDarren Byford, CG Supervisor

INTO THE WEST * Hell On Wheels * TNT * DreamworksTelevisionTim McHugh, Visual Effects SupervisorCraig Weiss, Visual Effects SupervisorGlenn Campbell, Lead Visual Effects CompositorChristopher DeCristo, Lead Visual Effects CompositorChristopher Moore, CompositorNiel Wray, CGI SupervisorDon L. McCoy, CGI SupervisorGeorge Garcia, Lead Matte ArtistEric Ehemann, CGI Animator

MAMMOTH * Sci Fi Channel * Pliny Minor Productions inassociation with Sci Fi NetworkArmen Kevorkian, Visual Effects SupervisorLiz Castro, Visual Effects ProducerMatt Scharf, Visual Effects CoordinatorDavid Morton, Lead Matte ArtistChristian Bloch, CGI SupervisorStefan Bredereck, Lead CGI AnimatorJason Zimmerman, Lead Visual Effects CompositorSpencer Levy, CGI SupervisorScott Dewis, Lead CGI Animator

THE NIGHTINGALE (GREAT PERFORMANCES) * PBS * Agat Films& Cie, Arte France and Mikros Image in association withThirteen/WNET New York and Image Plus, SchweizerFernsehen DRS, AVRO Television, ORF, SVT, YLE, andARTVHugues Namur, Visual Effects SupervisorPaul Carteron, Special Effects SupervisorMorgan Sagel, Lead CGI ArtistAnne Chatelain, Lead CGI ArtistOliver Garcelon, Lead CGI AnimatorAlexander Gregoire, Lead Visual Effects AnimatorGuillaume Ho Tsong Fang, CGI SupervisorUgo Bimar, CGI SupervisorJulien Limouse, Lead Visual Effects Compositor

THE TRIANGLE * Part 1 * Sci Fi Channel * Bad Hat HarryProductions and Electric EntertainmentMarc Weigert, Visual Effects SupervisorVolker Engel, Visual Effects SupervisorIngo Putze, Lead Visual Effects CompositorRobin Graham, Visual Effects Compositing TechnicalDirectorTodd Sheridan Perry, Senior CG Technical DirectorConrad Murrey, Lead CG AnimatorSam Khorshid, CG AnimatorPaul Graff, Visual Effects CompositorBen Grossman, Visual Effects Compositor


CLASSICAL BABY 2 * HBO * HBO Original ProgrammingProducers TBA

High School Musical * Disney * Salty Pictures/First StreetFilms/Disney ChannelProducers TBA

I HAVE TOURETTES BUT TOURETTES DOESNT HAVE ME * HBO *Tourette Syndrome Association with HBO DocumentaryFilmsProducers TBA

NICK NEWS WITH LINDA ELLERBEE: Do Something! CaringFor The Kids Of Katrina * Nickelodeon * NickelodeonStudios with Lucky Duck ProductionsProducers TBA


CLYDESDALE AMERICAN DREAM - Budweiser PYTKA, Production CompanyDDB Chicago, Ad Agency

CONCERT - AmeriQuest MJZ, Production CompanyDDB Los Angeles, Ad Agency

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