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20 Projects Selected for Cinekid’s Junior Co-production Market 2018

Junior Co-production Market runs October 25-26 alongside the Cinekid Festival in Amsterdam.

AMSTERDAM -- Cinekid for Professionals has selected 20 children’s film and television projects-in-development for its Junior Co-production Market, to be held October 25-26, 2018 during the Cinekid Festival in Amsterdam. The projects will be presented to more than 300 international professionals from the children’s media industry to encourage international co-operation. The selection includes both live-action and animation projects by renowned children’s media companies such as A Private View (BE), BosBros (NL), Kepler Film (NL), TamTam Film GmbH (DE), Tuffi Films (FI), Nutprodukce (CZ) and Submarine (NL).

The success of previous editions of the JCM is clearly visible in this year’s festival program. Los Bando, directed by Christian Lo, produced by Filmbin AS (NO) and presented at JCM 2016, is selected for Best Children’s Film Competition 2018. Gordon & Paddy, a film by Linda Hambäck, produced by LEE Film (SE) and presented at JCM in 2015, will also compete for the Best Children’s Film prize. Both films premiered earlier this year at Berlinale in Generation K+. Rosie & Moussa, directed by Dorothée van den Berghe (JCM 2016), produced by Caviar (BE) and a participant of ScriptLab 2014-2015, will compete in Best Dutch Family Film Competition. Netherlands production company The Film Kitchen (NL) returns with the feature Vechtmeisje by director Johan Timmers, pitched in 2015 at JCM where it won the Eurimages Co-production Development Award (€20,000). Vechtmeisje is also selected for the Best Dutch Family Film Competition.

Director Till Endemann, winner of the Burny Bos Best Project Award 2017 with Lucy Goes Gangsta, is selected with his new project Jakob, Tilda & The Mind Pirates. The film is produced by TamTam Film GmbH.

Previous Script LAB participants

This year’s JCM selection consists of several projects developed during Cinekid’s Script LAB programme. Production company Filmbin AS (Los Bando, see above) is selected with its new project Free (Guro Ekornholmen), which was selected for Script LAB 2017-2018. The Filmbin project Jenny’s Time by Christian Lo is also selected for Cinekid Script LAB 2018-2019.

Another recent Script LAB project in the market is My Dad is a Sausage, directed by Anouk Fortunier -written by Jean-Claude van Rijckeghem, produced by A Private View (BE). Super Granny by Julie Skaufel and production company Onkel Film (NO) and Bifröst Media (UK), was participating in last year’s Script LAB as well.

Dutch production company Kepler Film will pitch Captain Nova directed by Maurice Trouwborst. Kepler Film is also selected for ScriptLab 2018-2019 with its project When Fish Start Flying written by Eché Janga and Esther Duysker.

The full list of selections for Junior Co-Production Market 2018 is shown below:

Film Projects

Berend Botje
Written and directed by Mans van den Berg
Produced by NOBS Entertainment BV (NL)
Production country: The Netherlands

Captain Nova
Written by Lotte Tabbers
Directed by Maurice Trouwborst
Produced by Keplerfilm (NL)
Production countries: The Netherlands, Poland

Written by Anniken Fjesme
Directed by Guro Ekornholmen
Produced by Filmbin AS (NO)
Production country: Norway, The Netherlands, Sweden

Jacob, Tilda & the Mind Pirates
Written by Andreas Cordes
Directed by Till Endemann
Produced by TamTam Film GmbH (DE)
Production country: Germany, The Netherlands

Miss Moxy
Written by Maureen Versprille
Directed by Vincent Bal
Produced by BosBros (NL)
Production countries: The Netherlands, Belgium, France

My Dad is a Sausage
Written by Jean-Claude van Rijckhegem
Directed by Anouk Fortunier
Produced by A Private View (BE)
Production countries: Belgium, The Netherlands

My Sister Super-Stella
Written and directed by Mari Monrad Vistven
Produced by Medieoperatørene (NO)
Production country: Norway

Sihja (working title)
Written by Jenni Toivoniemi, Kirsikka Saari
Directed by Marja Pyykkö
Produced by Tuffi Films (FI)
Production country: Finland

Super Granny
Written and directed by Julie Skaufel
Produced by ONKEL Film (NO) and Bifröst Media (UK)
Production country: Norway

The Adventure Hunters
Written by Piotr Rzepka
Directed by Krzysztof Komander
Produced by MD4 Sp.z. o.o. (PL)
Production country: Poland

The Day I Met My Superhero
Written by Ewa Martynkien
Produced by BeGood Films (PL)
Production country: Poland

Tony, Shelly & Genius
Written by Jana Šrámková
Directed by Filip Posivac
Produced by Nutprodukce (CZ)
Production countries: Czech Republic, Slovakia

TV Projects

Harry and Bip - Summer Season
Written and directed by Leevi Lemmetty
Produced by Ink and Lights (IR)
Production countries: Ireland, Finland

Just Kids
Produced by Dutch Broadcaster EO (NL)
Production country: The Netherlands

Directed by Meike Fehre, Sabine Dully
Produced by Ahoifilm (DE), DullyDully (DE)
Production country: Germany

Pepe Luu
Directed by Valerie Chang.
Produced by Submarine (NL)
Production country: The Netherlands

Written by Niko Ballestrem
Produced by Neos Film GmbH (DE)
Production country: Germany

The Scarab Flies at Dusk
Written and directed by Atle Knudsen
Produced by Monster Scripted (NO)
Production countries: Norway, Sweden

The Secret Society of Souptown and the Cucumber Mafia
Written by Andris Feldmanis, Livia Ulman
Directed by Helen Takkinn, Margus Paju, Oskar Lehemaa
Produced by Nafta Films (ES)
Production countries: Estonia, Finland

ZOO – Viral geniuses
Written and directed by Elin Grönblom
Produced by Pohjola filmi (FI)
Production country: Finland

Junior Co-production Market

The Junior Co-production Market (JCM) is part of Cinekid for Professionals (CfP), the industry component of Cinekid, the largest children’s media festival in the world. The Junior Co-Production Market is an integrated two-day event that enables global financiers, broadcasters and producers to assess new and innovative film and television projects. The JCM reflects the high degree of interactivity and potential for finance across these sectors. All the projects will be presented in an environment designed to encourage international co-operation. The market starts with a public pitch of all the projects followed by a day and a half of one-to-one meetings between project representatives and potential collaborators and financiers.

Eurimages Co-Production Development Award
At JCM the prestigious Eurimages Co-Production Development Award (€20,000) will be given to the best film project with European co-production potential. The winner will be announced on Friday 26 October.

Source: Cinekid Junior Co-production Market