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20 Countries to Gather for Second Annual Quirino Awards Co-Production Forum

Running April 5 & 6 in the island of Tenerife, second edition of the Ibero-American Animation Quirino Awards Co-Production Forum will gather animation industry professionals from 20 territories.

MADRID -- The second edition of the Ibero-American Animation Quirino Awards will bring together animation industry professionals from 20 territories to the Co-Production Forum, which will take place April 5 & 6 in the island of Tenerife.

The Co-Production Forum, which had its first edition in 2018, will help arrange a series of B2B meetings aimed at producers, distributors and television channels from both the Ibero-American region and the rest of Europe. During the two days of the Forum, there will be around 500 co-production and business meetings that will seek to build bridges between the animation industries of the Ibero-American region, as well as with the rest of Europe.

Confirmed attendees include networks, distributors, production companies and other market players such as Gloob, Discovery Kids, Cartoon Network, NatGeoKids, RTP, RTVE, SVT Swedish Television, CLAN International, PGS, Sola Media, GFM Films, Indie Sales, PlayKids, Cake Entertainment, Mattel, Alterego, Imira Entertainment, El Reino Infantil, Dandelooo, Maga Animation, Autour de Minuit, Xilam Animation, Barley Films, Anima, and Ikki Films, among others.

Participating professional associations within Ibero-American territories include DIBOOS España, Casa da Animaçao Portugal, GEMA Colombia, Gremio de Animadores of Ecuador, Animar Cluster - Cluster Argentino de Animación & VFX, PIXELATL and ACDMX Mexico, Peru Animation, APA - Asociación Productoras de Animación Córdoba (Argentina), ABCA - Associação Brasileira de Cinema de Animação, and the Canary association SAVE, among others.

The event includes roundtables, lectures and conferences aimed at industry professionals and trainees. This year’s program includes a master class taught by Deanna Marsigliese, character art director at Pixar; talks about possible models of alliances and co-productions in Ibero-America; and roundtables about women in animation, training centers and professional associations in the region. Also, the Quirino white paper covering Ibero-American Animation will be presented, and a meeting will be organized with the growing sector of Tenerife production and services companies under the banner of  “Tenerife Isla Cartoon,” with which the Cabildo and the Tenerife Film Commission seeks to promote the island as a place for the production of animated films. New to this year, the 2019 edition of the forum will include the participation and sponsorship of ICEX, Spain Export and Investment and Animation from Spain.

Ibero-American Animation Quirino Awards

On Saturday, April 6, the Ibero-American Animation Quirino Awards will be handed out in a ceremony to be held at the Santa Cruz de Tenerife Auditorium. Twenty-five works from seven countries of the region will compete for the statuettes for this second edition. Productions from Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Mexico, Spain and Portugal will compete for the Quirino Awards in the nine categories of a selection that reflects the international projection of Ibero-American animation and that has a broad representation of works aimed at young and adult audiences.

This year’s event will also include the Quirino International Congress of Ibero-American Animation, a meeting place designed for debate and reflection about various animation formats and platforms and how they intersect with the world of Education, Art and Communication.

The awards are named in honor of the creator of the first animated feature film, the Italian-Argentinian Quirino Cristiani, who in 2917 directed El Apóstol, an Argentinian production where 58,000 handmade drawings in 35mm were used in conjunction with several miniature sets representing public buildings and the streets of the city of Buenos Aires.

The Quirino Awards have Cabildo de Tenerife as its main sponsor through the Tenerife Film Commission, reflecting the determined commitment that is being made for the animation for years on the island. This commitment is also materialized in concrete actions to support the booming local industry, assistance to the main international markets and the promotion of the brand “Tenerife Isla Cartoon,” specific for this sector.

The initiative also count on the sponsorship of ICEX Spain Export and Investment, Town Hall of Santa Cruz de Tenerife, Iberia Express, HP, Tangram Solutions, Proexca and Tenerife Espacio de las Artes (TEA); the collaboration of ICAA, AECID, Ibermedia Program, Fundación Cultural Hispano Brasileña, Brazil Embassy, Auditorium of Tenerife, University of La Laguna and RTVE; and the support of DIBOOS, SAVE, Pixelatl, 3D Wire, Ventana Sur Animation!, La Liga de la Animación Iberoamericana, Tenerife Moda, Annecy Festival and Polytechnique University of Valencia, as well as the associations: APA - Asociación de Productoras de Animación of Córdoba Argentina; ANIMAR CLUSTER - Argentinian Cluster of Animation & VFX; ABCA - Associação Brasileira de Cinema de Animação; Animachi Chile; GEMA Colombia - Grupo de Empresarios de Animación; Gremio de Animadores of Ecuador; ACDMX - Asociación de Creativos Digitales of Mexico; Peru Animación and Casa da Animaçao of Portugal.

Source: The Quirino Awards