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1stAveMachine Creates Animated Stop-Smoking PSAs for CTCP

Studio’s anti-smoking campaign for the California Tobacco Control Program uses powerful 2D visuals to follow the transitional journey of ‘Jackson,’ a habitual smoker, as he literally emerges from a cloud of smoke.

Storytelling production company 1stAveMachine and agency Acento Advertising were tasked with creating an animated campaign for the California Department of Public Health’s California Tobacco Control Program (CTCP), one of the world’s leaders in tobacco-control efforts.

Helmed by 1stAveMachine director as well as BRUT co-founder and executive creative director Martin Allais, the campaign, entitled “Jackson,” follows a habitual smoker -- who often craves a drag while drinking coffee, driving through traffic, and even at the movies -- transforming his mind, body, and spirit to finally quit his addiction for 10 years and counting. The powerful hand drawn 2D animated visuals, which include a monstrous cloud of cigarette smoke, are accompanied by a Spanish-speaking voiceover, and were directed all in-house by BRUT.



Source: 1stAveMachine