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19th Countryside Animafest Cyprus – Views of the World Coming August 9-12

Festival will feature special screenings with films by Theodore Ushev, Stuart Pound, Elisabeth Hobbs, Kaspar Jancis, Steven Subotnic, Atsushi Wada, Simone Massi and Konstantin Bronzit.

The International Animation Festival of Cyprus celebrates its 19th edition with a world-class program, featuring a national, international and childrens’ competition for recent short independent animation films. The event was founded to showcase animation films from around the world, presenting the finest productions and focusing on non-commercial author films.

The competition program includes 55 films. Besides the national and international competitions for recent shorts, short films for children from the last two years will be screened in the international children’s competition program.

This year will feature special screenings with films by Theodore Ushev (Canada), Stuart Pound (UK), Elisabeth Hobbs (UK), Kaspar Jancis (Estonia), Steven Subotnic (USA), Atsushi Wada (Japan), Simone Massi (Italy), Konstantin Bronzit (Russia).

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the artist in residency, as part of the animation and contemporary art program, is postponed. However, a focus on animation and contemporary art will still be part of the festival as a film program. Also, this year will feature a limited version of the festival with no international guests, exhibitions, and masterclasses. This year’s edition will be a national event, with a jury and guests from Cyprus.

The festival will take place at an open-air location at the community of Salamiou, that in recent years has become the festival’s main venue.

The international and national competitions will be judged by three Cypriot artists: filmmaker and president of the Directors Guild of Cyprus, Elena Aloneftis; award-winning filmmaker, Stavros Pampalis; and artistic director and performer of the contemporary dance house of Limassol, Alexis Vasiliou. Children from the audience will vote for their favorite film in the chidren’s film competition.

The Grand Prix includes a cash price of €1,000 and an original silkscreen print of the festival poster, signed by the artist, Croatian illustrator, and animation filmmaker, Lucija Mrzljak.

Official Selection 2020 (in alphabetical order):


(Curated by Yiorgos Tsangaris)

  • Adonis and the Lockdown Tactics, Adonis Archodtides, Cyprus 2020
  • Cambia Tutto, Anastasia Mougis, Cyprus 2019
  • Crime and Punishment, Daria Burkut, Cyprus, Russia 2020
  • Enan tzi’ enan, Michalis Papanicolaou, Cyprus 2020
  • Game Over, Savvas Constantinou, Cyprus 2020
  • In Between, Eleni Chadriotou, Cyprus 2020
  • The Loop, Dimitris Kyriakou, Cyprus 2020
  • Pafsi, Christos Avraam, Ioannis Kyriakides, Cyprus 2020
  • Pendulum, Totis Raphael, Cyprus 2020
  • With Out Wings, Despo Potamou, Cyprus 2020


(Curated by Yiorgos Tsangaris and Gerben Schermer)

  • All Her Dying Lovers, Anna Benner, Germany, Czech Republic, 2020
  • Alphabets Heaven - Comte, Natalia Ryss, Israel, 2019
  • My Exercise, Atsushi Wasa, Japan, 2020
  • Bath House of Whales, Mizuki Kiyama, Japan, 2019
  • BOOKANIMA: Andy Warhol, Shon Kim, USA / South Korea, 2019
  • Care, Riley Brown, USA, 2020
  • Ciervo, Pilar Garcia-Fernandezsesma, USA, 2020
  • Correre, Nicholas Bertini, Italy, 2019
  • Cosmonaut, Kaspar Jancis, Estonia, 2019
  • Crab, Shiva Sadegh Asadi, Iran, 2020
  • Daughter, Alina Titorenko, Czech Republic, 2019
  • Deep Love, Mykyta Lyskov, Ukraine, 2019
  • Domus, Delphine Priet-Maheo, France, 2019
  • Drake, Rope and Acorn, Alina Titorenko, Russia, 2019
  • Drive, Pedro Casavecchia, Argentina, France, 2019
  • Edge, Steven Subotnick, USA, 2019
  • Endless Forms Most Beautiful, Meredith Binnette, USA, 2020
  • The Flounder, Elizabeth Hobbs, UK, Austria, 2019
  • Fortune, Em Jiang, USA, 2020
  • Freeze Frame, Soetkin Verstegen, Germany, Belgium, 2019
  • Gerald's Long Day, Samuel Brumbaugh, USA, 2020
  • He Can’t Live Without Cosmos, Konstantin Bronzit, Russia, 2019
  • The Infinite, Simone Massi, Italy, 2020
  • Inside Me, Maria Trigo Teixeria, Germany, 2019
  • Kantentanz, Camille Geiβler, Elisabeth Jakobi, Germany, 2019
  • Le Songe de Soares, Thibault Cholet, France, 2020
  • Mate, Chaerin Im, USA, 2020
  • My Galactic Twin Galaction, Sasha Svirsky, Russia, 2020
  • The Physics of Sorrow, Theodore Ushev, Canada, 2019
  • Prelude, Rick Niebe, Italy, 2019
  • Revolykus, Victor Orozco Ramirez, Germany, Mexico, 2020
  • Root Shock, Yihan Wang, USA, 2020
  • Run Version Vertical, Stuart Pound, UK, 2019
  • Serial Parallels, Max Hattler, Germany, Hong Kong, 2019
  • Signs, Dustin Rees, Switzerland, 2020
  • Washing Machine, Alexandra Májová, Czech Republic, 2019


(Curated by Anet ter Horst, Anna Ida Oroz and Yiorgos Tsangaris)

  • Beware the Wolf!, Nicolas Bianco-Levrin, Julie Rembauville, France, 2019
  • Duodrom, Basil Vogt, Switzerland, 2019
  • The Girl-bird, Ekaterina Nevostrueva, Russia, 2019
  • The Kite, Martin Smatana, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Poland, 2019
  • The Neighbors, Valentina Arkhipova, Russia, 2019
  • o28, Otalia Caussé, Fabien Meyran, Geoffroy Collin, Robin Merle, Louise Grardel, Antoine Marchand, France, 2019
  • The Swamp, Vera Vyugina, Russia, 2020
  • The Tomten and the Fox, Yaprak Morali, Norway, 2019
  • Wolfrid's Wish, Anna Ryzhkova, Canada, 2019

Source: The International Animation Festival of Cyprus