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‘1001 Nights’ Comic Books Go Digital on ComiXology

The first of the 1001 Nights comic book series, What’s Yours in Mine, is now available on comiXology, the cloud-based digital comics platform.

 What’s Yours in Mine, the first of the 1001 Nights comic book series launched on comiXology, the cloud-­‐based digital comics platform, making it available across iPhone, iPad, Kindle Fire, Window 8 and To date, the printed 1001 Nights Comic Books have sold over half a million copies worldwide in over 6 languages. Joining Archie, Wonder Woman, and Mickey Mouse, Shahrzad will now be able to tell her stories through mobile and online.  

“ComiXology has been dubbed the iTunes for Comics, so it’s great to tap a whole new audience,” said Aly Jetha, CEO of Big Bad Boo Studios and co-­‐creator of the 1001 Nights property.

“Take Comics Further” is comiXology’s official tagline, making the hand-­‐drawn adventures of the 1001 Nights available on worldwide through their platform. This year, company had over 200 million downloads of comics and graphic novels and was the 3rd Top Grossing iPad app of 2012.  

In total, the first collection of five 1001 Nights comic books will be released on comiXology. “Kids know Sinbad, Ali Baba or Aladdin. But we want to introduce them to even more important characters. Legends like King Haroun Al-­‐Rashid, the Batman of his time, who would roam the streets in disguise to fix the ills of society, are a highlight of the 1001 Nights brand,” said Shabnam Rezaei, president of Big Bad Boo Studios and co-­‐creator of the 1001 Nights property. 

Big Bad Boo is currently in production on the second collection of five, bringing the total to ten comic books for the property in 2014. The first five titles are: What’s Yours Is Mine, The Boy Who Cried Science, Keeping Up with the Jinns, Ali Baba and the 40 Thieves and The Hunchback’s Tale.

The animated series is currently broadcasting in 80 countries on channels like Disney, Discovery Kids, CBC Radio Canada and Al Jazeera Children’s Licensing and Merchandising.

Source: Big Bad Boo Studios

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